Wages of the MAFS UK 2023 cast before the show, Married at First Sight

The wages of the MAFS UK 2023 cast before the show prove they really don’t need the fame

Ok, Peggy was making bank!

Going on a reality show is a quick way to grow your Instagram following and inevitably kick-start a career as an influencer and TV personality. And for most of the Married at First Sight cast, this isn’t their first rodeo on TV, so they know the deal. But, the cast all had normal jobs like the rest of us, and some of their wages before MAFS UK 2023 show they really shouldn’t give up the day job too soon.

Yep, despite loads of them being on TV before, a lot of the cast members had pretty lucrative 9-5 jobs. We’ve got finance experts, teachers, florists and people in customer service, it’s a very varied bunch.

Using an online tool which shows you the average salary by area for every profession in the UK, we’ve worked out how much the MAFS cast would roughly be earning back home, before the experiment. So here are all the wages the cast of MAFS UK 2023 could have been earning.

Bianca – £20k+

Bianca is a hair extension specialist, based in Buxton. Now, her job title is quite specific, but hair stylists in that area are paid on average £20k a year. Given Bianca is a specialist, she’s probably bringing home more than that.

Ella – £22k

Before Ella entered the show, broke up with Nathanial and then re-entered with JJ, she was working as a clinic consultant. Where she is from, in Weston-super-Mare, this job title comes with an average yearly salary of £22k.

She’s set to make a lot more after the show, and has already bagged a brand deal with PrettyLittleThing.

Matt – £23k

When Matt joined the experiment, he said he was working in the family window cleaning business. The average salary for a window cleaner where is based, in Harrogate, is £23k.

Tasha – £23k

Before getting involved in the experiment, Tasha, who is from Leeds, had a job as a childcare assistant. Joining the show she said she wanted to find a man who loves children as much as she does.

Rozz – £26k+

Rozz is from Crewe, and works a florist. The average salary for this is £26k, but Rozz does own her floristry business, so depending on how successful it is could be making much more!

Mark – £30k

Mark’s estimate wage before MAFS UK is £30k. He was working as a customer service manager in London before getting married on the show.

Sean – £31k

When Sean joined the show, we saw him doing a shift as a store manager in New Look, Durham. The average salary for a store manager in the north of England is £31k.

Luke – £31k

Luke works as a sales executive in Clacton, Essex. According the the online calculator, the average salary of someone with this job title in that area is £31k.

Arthur – £34k

Ahead of marrying Laura on the show without ever having met her, Arthur was working as a tennis coach in London. CheckASalary says this comes with expected earnings of £34k.

Shona – £34k

Prior to MAFS, Shona’s income was from working as a performing arts teacher, based in Nottingham. The average pay for this is around £34k.

Nathanial – £35k

Nathanial had a turbulent journey on Married at First Sight, but if he wants to leave it all behind him and head back to his job in events marketing management in Manchester, the average salary for this is £35k.

Erica – £35k+

Before the show, Erica was balancing two jobs, as a social media manager and a dance teacher in London. Assuming her main source of income is from being a social media manager, Erica can expect an average salary of £32k. With her dance teaching on top of that, it’s estimated Erica is bringing in upwards of £35k.

Laura – £36k

Up next is Laura, who works as a finance manager in Hampshire. This job title carries an average salary in that area of £36k.

Jordan – £37k

Jordan’s job is a personal trainer, and he’s based in Sheffield. The average salary for this job role in that area is £37k, according to CheckASalary.

Paul – £38k

Paul works as an account manager and he is from Chesham, where the average salary for this role is £38k.

Georges – £39k

Georges told The Tab he has quit his job since MAFS, but prior to the show he had been working in sports rehabilitation at a football club. He’s from Surrey, where the average salary for this role is £39k.

Thomas – £40k

Thomas works in investment communications in Wiltshire, which comes with an average salary of £40k. I’m sure Rozz will be thrilled!

Jay – £41k

Sales manager Jay was removed from the experiment when her husband Luke got into a fight. But ahead of MAFS UK 2023, she had one of the highest wages in cast. Her job role in Lancashire carries an average salary of £41k.

Porscha – £46k

Around £46k is the average salary for someone working as an executive assistant in London.

Adrienne – £49k 

Before MAFS, Adrienne was working as a project support officer in Cumbria. According to CheckASalary, the average salary for this job title in Cumbria is £49k. Ok Adrienne, get it!

Peggy – £56k

Peggy has recently said she quit her job since the show, but where she lives in Kent, Peggy could have expected to be paid around £56k a year in her role of technology risk partner. Georges’ said she was used to working in a serious environment, and he meant it!

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