Just loads of vibey pictures of the MAFS UK cast hanging out at brunches and nights out

How do I become friends with them all?

Since meeting on MAFS UK 2023, the cast of our favourite chaos show have been sharing loads of vibey pictures of them hanging out. It looks as though when they’re not stuck in arguments, cheating scandals and whirlwind dramas they actually enjoy spending time together!

The Married at First Sight UK cast are meant to have a strict rule in place stating they can’t follow each other on socials until after the show has aired, as it might give away spoilers. But, it looks as though that rule is out the window as they’ve been on nights out, cute brunches, friendships dates and day trips.

Here’s a roundup of all the best pictures of the MAFS UK 2023 cast hanging out since the show. Enjoy!

1. They might have fallen out with everyone else, but Jordan and Erica still went for a fun brunch with Bianca, Adrienne and Nathanial

2. Yes the boys!

3. The best thing to come from partner swap week

4. Best friend goals

5. I want to be on MAFS UK 2023 big night out

6. It’s fine, my invite was lost in the post

Pictures of the MAFS UK 2023 cast hanging out after the show, Married at First Sight

via Instagram @jay_howard

7. That velvet suit really is something, Terence

8. Sorry but the vibes are on point

9. Straight 10s

10. Bianca will forever be a fav

11. They went to York together, of course

12. Omg everyone!

13. Any picture with Rozz in I’m liking it

14. Huge vibe

15. I need to be at Arthur’s birthday night out next year

16. I am looking… respectfully

17. Another night out invite I must have missed

18. Loves

19. Dw boys, we spotted your arms

20. Cute!

21. Immaculate!

22. ‘After marriage we caught some rays’

23. A wow

24. Omg I’m obsessed?!

25. Paul had to be in here somewhere!

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