Luke has been BANNED from the Married at First Sight UK 2023 reunion bonus episode

He’s apparently had a huge fallout with Channel 4 execs

Groom Luke Worley has been banned from attending filming for the MAFS UK 2023 reunion following his on-screen fight with Jordan Gayle.

According to the MailOnline, Luke was axed from filming because of what happened, and a following huge fallout with execs at Channel 4. The fight had probably been enough to see him not asked to attend filming, but bosses were even more put-off by his posting on social media, including one particularly threatening Instagram post aimed at Jordan.

He is also in Channel 4’s bad books for an interview he did on a podcast, in which he spoke about his experiences on the show, despite it being a well-known rule that the cast shouldn’t share spoilers whilst the show is airing.

An initial reunion for the show has already been filmed, but it has since been reported the cast were invited back this week to film another bonus reunion episode, given so much has happened since the first took place. It’s this that Luke has been “blacklisted” from.

A source told MailOnline: “Luke’s relationship with Channel 4 has deteriorated since his axing was aired. Not only did he come to blows with Jordan but he’s also used threatening language towards him on social media, which of course the channel deems unacceptable.

“Luke has spoken out about his experiences filming the show and no doubt will do so again… the trust between him and Channel 4 has been lost. He doesn’t feel great knowing that the majority of the cast are filming the special and his invite was well and truly retracted but they feel that right now his attitude is too difficult to manage.”

Luke banned from MAFS UK 2023 reunion bonus episode, Married at First Sight

via E4

According to reports, the one-off special episode will give fans a chance to catch up on all the dramas and tensions that have unfolded off camera between the show’s brides and grooms while the series has been airing.

A show insider said: “This series of Married at First Sight started filming way back in February, and there was also a reunion filmed in July – so it was all in the can before any of this series had been aired. As the episodes have been screened, the cast have seen things unfold that they weren’t aware of at the time of filming, so a lot of dynamics have changed since the reunion episode was shot in the summer.

“The relationship status of some of the couples has also been up and down in the last few months, so Channel 4 bosses wanted to get the key faces from the series back together to give fans the most up-to-date gossip. It’s bound to be very explosive. A lot of the cast have been quite fiery and opinionated about each other on social media since the show has been on, so expect all of that to spill out on camera.”

The source added: “It’s a chance to reopen old wounds, settle new scores and find out everything that’s happened since the cameras stopped rolling.”

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