A recap of all the failed relationships there have been on MAFS UK 2023 so far

We’ve been through such heartbreak!

According to a recent leak, there are some couples from the current Married at First Sight UK who are still together. But, if the number of failed relationships we’re watching coming out of MAFS UK 2023 every night is anything to go by, I’m starting to wonder how that could be true.

Right now, it seems as though a couple breaks up and ends their time together every episode. They’re dropping like flies! From Brad and Shona being straight up removed and later splitting up, to cheating scandals and the course of the experiment proving too much, it’s been a whirlwind.

So, here’s a full rundown of all the failed relationships there have been on MAFS UK 2023 so far.

Shona and Brad

MAFS UK 2023 failed relationships, Married at First Sight cast split

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It feels like a million years ago that Brad had to leave the experiment because of his controlling behaviour towards Shona. The couple left the show together, but Shona confirmed they have since split up.

She said in an interview that Brad promised her: “I love you, I love you. I love you. I’ll be different on the outside. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt.” But she explained they broke up after five to six weeks, when Brad didn’t change his behaviour.

“We stayed together on the outside for, I think, about five to six weeks and the same behaviour continued,” she said. “He was exactly the same person. It was the listing, it was the harsh criticism, it was belittling me, like making me feel so small and questioning myself.”

Porscha and Terence

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Porscha and Terence were another couple to call it quits early on. Their relationship was always rocky, with Porscha initially saying they had very different lifestyles. They had the infamous spoon argument on their honeymoon, before it all came crashing down at a later commitment ceremony.

Terence voted to “leave” the marriage, whilst Porscha opted to “stay” and work on their relationship. As per the show’s rules, when one person in a couple votes stay, they have to stay together. But, Terence was having none of it and quit the experiment completely.

Ella and Nathanial

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One of the biggest shockers of this season so far was the cheating scandal which saw the demise of two relationships. Ella and JJ said they had a “connection” and had been messaging each other, despite being married to other people. When this was revealed, Nathanial dramatically left the show.

Since then, he’s branded the show “a complete sham” and said Ella was turned into “a monster” by production.

Bianca and JJ

MAFS UK 2023 failed relationships, Married at First Sight cast split

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The other couple to meet their end off the back of the cheating scandal was Bianca and JJ. After saying she had no idea JJ had been meeting up with Ella behind her back, Bianca left the experiment with her head held high.

Sean and Mark

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Sean and Mark ending things seemed to come quite abruptly. One minute they were a fairly quiet couple, in the background not getting involved in much of the drama, and next they were arguing and leaving the whole show. The two late arrivals left the experiment when Mark said he felt they were better off as friends.

Rozz and Thomas

MAFS UK 2023 failed relationships, Married at First Sight cast split

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After a sad homestays episode, it looks as though it’s all over for favourites Rozz and Thomas. I’m sure a lot of people were backing these two to make it work, but in statements posted after the homestays episode aired, Rozz and Thomas seem to have confirmed they don’t come back from it.

Rozz called her homestay the “saddest” time on her MAFS journey, and described being “haunted” by a past relationship. She apologised to Thomas before saying she “wanted marriage I really did”. Thomas also seemed to confirm they are no longer together, as he said: “The luckiest man is the man who you will eventually give your heart to and I hope they give you the world and more.”

I’m not crying, you are!

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