A detailed recap of all Married at First Sight UK bride Peggy’s many looks over the years

This is intense

Ever since Peggy Lawrence was introduced to us as part of the cast of MAFS UK 2023, everyone has been obsessed with her transformation. Pretty early on people clocked she had once been on Take Me Out and looked wildly different then, and over the years she’s sported a few different looks.

Peggy’s first known TV appearance was in 2012, when she was 19, and went on ITV dating series, Take Me Out. When she was on Take Me Out, host Paddy McGuinness gave Peggy the nickname “Picky Peggy” due to how fussy she was with who she kept her light on for, so it’s probably no surprise she’s back trying to find someone again, despite having been on a dating show before.

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She kept her light on for “soccer mad” Andrew from Liverpool, he chose her, and the pair headed off to the Isle of Fernando’s. “When I first saw Peggy she was good looking, my heart was pumping,” Andrew said of his date.

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Since then, it’s been all change for Peggy. She’s been through the viral makeup trends we all loved deeply in the 00s, dyed her hair, changed her vibe and has had a wild transformation to be the woman we’re watching on MAFS now.

Here’s a look at her ~looks~ over the years.


If you’d shown me pictures of Peggy in 2016 out of context, I wouldn’t have even said it was the same person. She obviously has much darker hair, and just looks overall completely different. Her lips are less full, she has much thinner eyebrows and I am HERE for the kohl eyeliner era. We all went there!


In 2017 Peggy looked much the same as the year before, still rocking mega thin eyebrows and heavy eye makeup. But, who knew she was besties with Love Island’s Malin?! Sure!


In 2018 Peggy hadn’t really changed her vibe too much, she was just deep DEEP into her filters era. Kinda love it for her. Her lips look a lot fuller in 2018, too.


In 2019 Peggy was like us all, in a Missguided era. Why did we all own these bodycon dresses, please? Her lips are definitely looking even fuller still here.


In 2021 Peggy was still sporting the dark hair, but it looked notably more brown and less almost black. She did love a filter, so it could just be that, but it did look as though a couple of years back was when Peggy started leaving the dark side behind.


2022 was the year of Peggy embracing the blonde, which really is when she fully started to look like the bride we’re seeing on Married at First Sight UK now. Hair colour makes such a difference!


And now welcome to 2023, ending the transformation Peggy has had over the years with her MAFS UK look. She’s blonde, with her signature glam makeup and full lips.

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