Guys, MAFS UK’s Shona and Matt are now dating and I am SHOOK

She described how she ‘found love’ with his ‘kindest soul’


Spoiler alert! But Shona, who was forced to leave the MAFS UK 2023 experiment when husband Brad was axed, has been spotted dating one of the other grooms and I am shook at all these twists and turns.

Shona has been spotted on a coffee shop date with Matt, who we saw getting married as a late arrival on the show to Adrienne. It’s been revealed Shona and her MAFS co-star Matt Pilmoor are “officially an item”, which means there has definitely been no rekindling of things for him and Adrienne.

When Shona and Matt were spotted, a source told The Sun: “They were chilling together in Starbucks and looked very relaxed in each other’s company. They even brought their pet dog along. They must have been together for a while because they were hardly dressed to impress.” The couple were pictured grabbing coffee, both in casual tracksuits.

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The source, at the time, added: “I’m a big fan of the show so I couldn’t believe it when they strolled in together because Matt’s only just joined the show. I’m really disappointed I saw them to be honest because there’s still a month or so to go – and now I know his marriage to Adrienne won’t last. But I wish them all the best and hopefully they both fare better in the real world than they did on the show.”

After leaving MAFS UK, Shona said on Instagram she had “found love” once again with the “kindest soul”. It now hints that she was actually referencing Matt, which probably explains why she hasn’t yet gone public with her new man! What a twist!

She added that she and Brad tried to make things work for around six weeks after the show, but ultimately split because his behaviour towards her didn’t change.

“It sent me on the biggest self-love journey which I’m on right now and I feel empowered, and I feel strong that I will never, ever, ever put up with that kind of behaviour ever again,” she said. “And, Bradley, if you’re listening, enjoy the fucking universe babes.”

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