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From day one to the reunion special: Here’s the full MAFS UK 2023 filming timeline

Cannot imagine pretending to still be married to someone for that long

When you’re watching MAFS UK, it’s hard to think on how this was actually filmed ages ago compared to when we’re watching it. Especially because of how active the cast are on social media, and they have to pretend they’re still at the romantic stage they were at when they were filming so to avoid spoilers. It’s a bit messy and hard to keep track of. How long was the gap between last night’s final dinner party and the final vows? And when did the whole thing start in the first place? Here’s your full timeline of the MAFS UK 2023 filming schedule. For your own peace of mind.

Mid February 2023 – Back story

This was where the cast were all filmed in their day to day life and sort of explained who they all were. Think shots of them at work and at home with their families.

End of February 2023 – Cast couch interview

These interviews were the cast’s first chance to sit with the experts and get interviewed about their lives and what they were looking for from the experiment.

End of February – Stags and Hens

This was the grooms and the brides first time to meet the others in the experiment with them before they all go off to, you know, marry at first sight!

End of February / beginning of March 2023 – Weddings

All the weddings started during this time period, and then as soon as the brides and grooms tied the knot they’d be whisked off on their honeymoons.

Mid March to mid May 2023 – Apartment living

As soon as the couples were back from honeymoons they moved into the apartments. They all stayed there until they left the experiment for whatever reason. If you stayed all the way til final vows, you wouldn’t have left until the middle of May.

End of June / start of July – Reunion

Last night’s dinner party with the full cast and tonight’s final sit down with the experts was filmed six weeks after the final vows – which gave the time to go and adjust back into their lives and see who would stick it out.

October / November 2023 – Extra reunion

Some cast members were invited back to film an extra reunion very recently, which we know little about. This is because a lot of drama came out of the show when cast were watching it all back, and a reunion here would help everyone get stuff off their chest because opinions had changed a lot since the last filming at the start of summer.

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