MAFS UK 2023 cast who don't follow each other on Instagram

All the MAFS UK 2023 cast who refuse to follow each other on Instagram after the show

Did we miss some sort of beef between Peggy and Laura?!

Going to follow someone, or shall I say making the conscious decision not to, on Instagram really does mean a lot – and the cast of MAFS UK 2023 have made their choices.

One rule the cast of MAFS have to follow is that they shouldn’t actively chose to follow or unfollow each other on social media whilst the show is going on. But, a number of the cast members have said this is the one rule they’ve all broken – and they’ve all gone and followed exactly who they want to since the experiment.

So, where are the cracks really showing? Who hasn’t made the cut for who? Here’s a rundown of who from the cast of MAFS UK 2023 doesn’t follow each other on Instagram. Drama!

Tasha and Bianca don’t follow each other

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I really have no explanation here, but Tasha and Bianca haven’t followed each other since the show. Maybe they just didn’t get enough time to get to know one another?

Tasha and Jordan don’t follow each other

There’s been beef between Tasha and Erica on MAFS this year, but funnily enough it’s not them who have ended up shading one another. Instead, Tasha and Jordan are the ones out of all this who have decided to make the point of not giving each other a follow.

Laura and Peggy don’t follow each other

Are we missing something here? Was there some beef we didn’t know about? Peggy and Laura, explain?

Laura and Thomas don’t follow each other

This one is also really random, because Rozz and Laura and Thomas and Arthur appear to be good friends after the show. But somehow, that developed friendship didn’t extend as far as Laura and Thomas.

Laura clearly said no to anyone involved in the fighting beef

Laura obviously has no place in the fight drama, as she doesn’t follow Luke – even though he follows her – and she and Jordan also don’t follow one another.

Laura doesn’t follow Erica

Erica has followed Laura since the show, but for some reason, Laura is yet to return the gesture.

Laura doesn’t follow Bianca

I’m seeing a pattern here – Laura clearly just doesn’t follow people for the sake of it. Nothing but respect really. Bianca didn’t make the call up, either.

Nathanial doesn’t follow Thomas

Nathanial doesn’t follow Thomas, but Thomas follows him, and for some reason this just makes me insanely sad. Weep.

Luke doesn’t follow Bianca

Umm, Luke? Who do you think you are not following our queen Bianca? Fix it, pronto!

The cheating scandal has caused a lot of Instagram swipes

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Ella and JJ cheating was a huge scandal this year, and since then everyone involved has chosen not to follow one another on Instagram. JJ and Bianca don’t, Nathanial and JJ don’t follow each other and Ella and Nathanial don’t follow each other. Surprisingly, despite saying they’d sorting things out since, Ella and Bianca also now don’t follow one another on Instagram.

Nobody from the Jordan and Luke drama follows each other

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Surprise surprise! Nobody directly involved in the drama surrounding Jordan and Luke follow one another. Jordan and Luke both don’t follow each other on Instagram, Luke and Erica don’t follow each other and Jordan and Jay don’t follow each other either. However, Erica does follow Jay!

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