Tonight on MAFS Jordan is accused of cheating on Erica in a nightclub – and there’s a picture

Jordan was ‘spotted kissing’ and pictured with a girl just three days after the final vows


Another day, another MAFS drama. This time it’s between Erica and Jordan, as he is accused of having cheated on her whilst on a night out in a club, during the MAFS experiment.

Jordan was pictured in the back of a taxi with a mystery woman in May after the pair left a London nightclub together, just three days after Jordan and Erica said their final vow renewals to one another.

According to the MailOnline, Jordan was seen kissing the girl at rooftop bar Madison before they continued their evening at Floripa, eventually leaving the venue in the early hours of the morning. The night out was with some of the MAFS boys, but they had spent time with the girls earlier that day.

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And of course, Jordan’s rival Luke has boldly brought up the claims Jordan cheated on his MAFS wife Erica, too. Jordan has completely denied the claim, and has said Luke is “desperately trying to ruin his relationship”.

Ever since their “fight” drama it’s been very clear Jordan and Luke hate each other, and whilst the show has been airing, they’ve been back and forth posting petty TikToks about one another. However, Luke has now stepped it up, and in a live made the cheating claims.

Erica went on Instagram Live with comedian Kane Brown to discuss her Married At First Sight journey with Jordan. Erica had been defending Jordan, when in the comments section (because of course he was watching), Luke said: “Are you forgetting Jordan cheated on you in a night club???”.

MAFS star Luke has claimed Jordan cheated on Erica, Married at First Sight UK 2023

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Erica ignored the comment, but Jordan has since released a statement to say it’s all rubbish, and stems from Luke wanting to “ruin his relationship”.

Jordan told The Mirror: “This false accusation is coming from a man who is desperately trying to ruin my relationship because he wrongly feels like I ruined his.”

Jordan also said Luke has leaked spoilers before, which comes with a £10,000 fine for breaching his MAFS contract. “Luke has breached his contract for everyone to see and will be fined £10,000 for revealing a spoiler,” Jordan said. “Anyone who knows the situation knows what he is saying is not correct but he is this bothered about me that he’s just cost himself £10,000 to try and ruin my relationship with a false accusation.”

Jordan added: “He [Luke] wasn’t even there on this night he is commenting on. So anyone with sense would see this is just a desperate attempt coming from a place with no true intentions, just bad and desperate intentions.”

This lot never stop with the chaos!

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