All the drama between MAFS UK 2023 stars Jordan and Luke

From a physical fight to petty TikToks: A full rundown of the Luke and Jordan MAFS drama

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Previously, it was reported that Luke is due to leave the MAFS UK 2023 experiment due to a “physical fight” with Jordan. Since then, the pair have been back and forth beefing one another, and it’s been a lot.

On the episodes airing right now, we can definitely feel tensions brewing between the boys. It all started when Ella and JJ had been flirting at the cast spa day, and Jordan then said JJ should have spoken to Bianca about it, before it had a chance to get back to the group. Luke then called Jordan “fucking dumb” and since then, it’s been pretty downhill.

So, as we see it all unfold on the show, here’s a full rundown of the on and off camera drama that’s happened between MAFS co-stars, Luke and Jordan.

It was reported Luke had been axed from MAFS UK 2023 following a fight with Jordan

The whole drama started last week, when news hit the press that Luke had been axed from MAFS UK, following a “physical fight” with Jordan. It’s been reported Luke “punched” Jordan during the altercation, which has been caught on camera. Bosses have decided to allow Jordan to stay, as it was Luke who initiated it.

Channel 4 bosses are said to have removed Luke from the show with immediate effect following the incident, in which he “shocked both cast and crew with his aggressive behaviour”. It means Jay, who he married on the show, has also had to cut short her time in the experiment.

A show insider told MailOnline: “Luke and Jordan struggled to get along from the moment they met, but no one was expecting them to clash like they eventually did. The cast attend a couples’ retreat and during dinner things got particularly heated between them and later they come to blows inside Jordan’s apartment.

“Channel 4 bosses had no choice but eject Luke from the programme, which consequently ended his wife Jay’s time in the process… as per the show’s rules you enter as a couple and leave as a couple. The fight was caught on camera, meaning there’s every chance it could be shown in the most explosive scenes ever to be aired on Married at First Sight UK.”

A Channel 4 spokesperson added: ‘The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond. During filming, an altercation occurred between two cast members which was defused immediately by the crew. All contributors involved were offered appropriate support.”

Luke then went on a rant calling out a ‘snake’ in the MAFS cast who had ‘sold’ the story to the press

Straight after the news was reported, Luke took to Instagram to post a massive and angry rant about spoilers from the show getting leaked. He called out a “snake” in the cast who must have been “selling” stories to newspapers.

Luke said he was “fucking fuming” and wanted to apologise to viewers of the show for the amount of spoilers which have been leaked to press during the 2023 series. “We’ve obviously got a snake in the cast, or snakes, and they feel the need to sell stories or spoilers,” he said.

“This whole season has been spoiler, spoiler, spoiler. What have they made? £50 or something stupid? You must be that desperate for a couple of quid you can’t wait a couple of weeks but you choose to sell a story to The fucking Sun.

“I’m actually pissed off for one. Not just for myself, but for you guys at home who just want to tune in – it’s been ruined for you guys. Thank you to the person selling the stories.” He added: “I’m angry at many people. Whoever is leaking these stories, go fuck yourself.”

All the drama between MAFS UK 2023 stars Jordan and Luke

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‘There’s only so much pressure a man can hold’

On the show we saw the two boys clash after Jordan spoke out about the Ella and JJ drama, and Luke called him “fucking dumb” for sharing his opinion. Luke said “there’s only so much pressure a man can hold” on the show, and people concluded he was basically saying there’s only so much a man can do before wanting to cheat.

Luke then defended his comments, and said: “I think people have misinterpreted this comment. The point I was making was that JJ was under pressure with his marriage failing and then more pressure with Ella so he needed a couple of days to look after his mental health. It’s not about being under pressure to cheat.”

Jordan said Luke’s ‘mask was slipping’ in TikTok video

Then it all got even more juicy…and petty. The two boys have since started in a back and forth on TikTok, posting diss videos about one another. Yes, two fully grown and potentially married men, are dressing up and mocking each other on the internet.

Replying to Luke’s attempt to defend his previous comments, Jordan posted a video saying Luke’s “mask was slipping” as he was “desperately trying to defend himself”.

He said: “It’s actually embarrassing. He’s crying on his stories and in the comments section, calling people haters just because they disagree with him. You’ll see over the next couple of weeks if anyone has a different opinion to Luke, he loses his head, he gets emotional.

“That’s why he hates me. I don’t even know what point you were trying to make last night but I know full well, if you were in Bianca’s position, you would not like it. Check yourself, your mask is slipping.”

Luke then bizarrely clapped back by putting a mop on his head and mocking that Jordan looks like Jack Grealish

Luke soon clapped back at this, and in the only natural way: By shoving a mop on his head and wearing an England shirt with “Wish Grealish” on the back. Of course he was going for the fact people say Jordan looks like Jack Grealish, but only if you ordered him from Wish.

“Mr Wish Grealish, it looks like you can’t take my name out of your mouth,” Luke said. “Me defending myself this week, mate, do not forget what you’ve done and what people are going to see this week coming.” Luke said Jordan will be “outed” in the coming episodes of MAFS and people will see his “true colours”. He accused Jordan of waiting for a bride’s husband to not be there before upsetting them.

So of course, Jordan then slathered himself in fake tan and joked about Luke being from Essex


Stop sweating about me Luke your fake tan is running #mafsuk #mafs

♬ original sound – Jordan Gayle

Jordan then posted ANOTHER video response. For this piece of art, he doused himself in fake tan and commented on Luke being an “Essex boy” telling him not to sweat too hard or his fake tan might come off, and not to cry because it’ll ruin his eyelashes.

“You say ‘take my name out of your mouth’ well you started crying about me first,” Jordan said. “Have you seen yourself? You’ve got a mop on your head and you’ve dedicated your England shirt to me. I think you’re confused mate. You’re in for a shock over the next few episodes. There’s a reason you got booted off the show.”

Luke was then forced to take down an Instagram story threatening Jordan

via E4

Channel 4 forced Luke to take down his most recent Instagram post about MAFS co-star, Jordan. Following last week’s episode where we saw a preview of their “fight” about to take place, Luke posted on Instagram about what’s to come.

“If you upset my wife you will know about it,” Luke said in the post. “Tune in on Monday to watch me slap Jordan the pussy. #ChatShitGetBanged.”

MailOnline reported bosses at Channel 4 “have reprimanded Luke over the ‘aggressive language’ he used on Instagram, saying they have ‘raised the matter with the cast member concerned’.”

A Channel 4 spokesperson said: “The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and we take any behaviour of this nature very seriously. We took prompt action as soon as this incident occurred, and Luke was subsequently removed from the experiment. This will all be addressed in Monday’s episode.”

A mess!

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