I’m not ready for it to be over! Here’s when MAFS UK 2023 sadly comes to an end

I’m sad that it’s so soon


MAFS UK 2023 has been one of the most dramatic series of the show yet, so to be honest I’m not really ready to think about when it all might come to an end, but sadly the date is coming our way. Yep, we’re fast approaching the time where the experiment wraps up, and we’ll finally be able to know which couples made it work and who has since ended things.

The show is well past the half way point, and set to conclude very soon. Here’s when we will be saying goodbye to our favourite chaotic couples.

When does MAFS UK 2023 end? Final episode of Married at First Sight on Channel 4

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So, when does MAFS UK 2023 end?

The show this year is set to have 36 episodes, which is a Married at First Sight UK record. With the show airing four times a week, from Monday to Thursday, that means even without Channel 4 officially confirming the finale date, we can work out when it should fall.

Given its schedule, the show looks like it will be coming to an end on Thursday 16th November. That’s just days away!

But, you don’t need to worry about the show ending and then you never getting your fix again, because it’s been confirmed that a reunion episode is coming, as well as a further bonus episode after the reunion, because of all the drama that’s played out off-camera whilst the show has been airing.

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A show insider said: “This series of Married at First Sight started filming way back in February, and there was also a reunion filmed in July – so it was all in the can before any of this series had been aired. As the episodes have been screened, the cast have seen things unfold that they weren’t aware of at the time of filming, so a lot of dynamics have changed since the reunion episode was shot in the summer.

“The relationship status of some of the couples has also been up and down in the last few months, so Channel 4 bosses wanted to get the key faces from the series back together to give fans the most up-to-date gossip. It’s bound to be very explosive. A lot of the cast have been quite fiery and opinionated about each other on social media since the show has been on, so expect all of that to spill out on camera.”

The further episode is reportedly filming in the next couple of months, ahead of Christmas. I’m so excited!

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