‘We talk daily’: Laura shares what her and Arthur’s relationship is like after MAFS UK 2023

When asked if there’s any chance they’ll get back together, Laura told The Tab Arthur ‘will always be special to me’

Since their relationship didn’t work in the MAFS UK 2023 experiment, all of us have been wondering what is going on between Arthur and Laura now. She said her truths and handed him back the wedding ring during the final vows, and then he didn’t turn up to the final reunion, so we haven’t had a chance to catch-up on their lives since.

But, in a chat with The Tab, Laura has shared all, and despite everything, she and Arthur are in a really good place now. She said the viewers saw a very small part of their journey together, and they had actually been much more “balanced” sharing great times during the experiment.

When asked what their relationship is like now, Laura told The Tab: “We are great. We talk daily. Whether it’s voice notes, phone calls, texts. We quite often will message each other whilst watching an episode [of MAFS].”

She said they’re great friends, and in the best place they could possibly be. “Now that we’re in a friendship, we support each other and it’s not a struggle,” she added. Laura said parts of their relationship on the show had felt like a struggle, especially when they were constantly seeing other couples thriving around them.

Laura has spoken about her relationship with Arthur after MAFS UK 2023

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“Now, it’s a genuine level playing field friendship,” Laura said. “For me, we’re at our best selves when we’re friends.”

When asked if there is any chance of a reunion for her and Arthur on the cards, Laura told The Tab: “To be honest, when you start watching the show back again you do start to feel emotions again.” She said watching moments like their final date again reminded her of “cute” parts of their relationship.

“He will always be special to me, he has taught me a lot, but for now we are where we are and the reasons for us parting ways are still there,” she said.

Laura concluded by saying she’s aware of how much the public “really love” Arthur, and this makes her “genuinely happy”. She said: “I have a huge amount of respect and love for Arthur. After I saw how loved he is by the public, I breathed a sigh of relief because he’s been accepted, and I think that’s what he wanted.”

I’m not crying, you are!

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