Who from MAFS UK 2023 has most Instagram followers now

Ranked: Who from MAFS UK 2023 has gained the most followers on Instagram?

Ok king Thomas, I see you!

This year, loads of people have been questioning the intentions of the Married at First Sight cast members. Did they join MAFS UK 2023 to see who could gain the most Instagram followers? Were they just looking for another reality TV show to be on? Or did they genuinely want to find love? I guess we’ll never know.

We’ve now seen which couples lasted until the end of the experiment and who didn’t. So, if they didn’t find love, who did come out of it with a bigger following than before? Even if that’s not what they actually wanted out of the show, we all still care, admit it.

So here are the top 10 cast members from MAFS UK 2023 who have gained the most Instagram followers since taking part in the experiment.

10. Laura – 114k

Kicking us off is Laura, who might not have found love with Arthur on the show, but has still managed to get over 100k Instagram followers. Clearly everyone wants to keep up with her boujie Chelsea life, post MAFS.

9. Shona – 129k

Shona left the experiment early on, so people went straight to her profile to see what she was getting up to after splitting from Brad. She now has 129k followers.

8. Georges – 158k

A very small part of me thought Georges would be much higher up on this list, seeing how popular he became at the end of the show, but you can’t complain at 158k followers. That’s a big audience to squat for, and a whole lot of baguettes to earn.

7. Rozz – 160k

Up next is queen of our hearts, Rozz. After everything I don’t think even tens of millions of followers would be enough justice for her, so we’ll have to take 160k.

6. Luke – 162k

Well, clearly a lot of us care for all the drama Luke gets himself involved in. He’s one of the most popular grooms on Instagram, with 162k followers, but has made his account private following the show.

5. Matt – 162k

Ok I am actually really surprised that Matt is this high up, considering he was a late arrival and his marriage with Adrienne didn’t work out. Maybe it’s because we’re all nosy and he’s now announced he’s dating Shona? Tbh, I want to keep up with their relationship after the experiment, too.

4. Ella – 181k

Since giving MAFS a go twice and not getting a husband at the end either times, Ella has at least bagged loads of Instagram followers. She’s got a brand deal with PrettyLittleThing and 181k – not bad!

3. Peggy – 181k

Up next is Peggy, and given she and Georges are still together and living their best lives, I’m not at all surprised everyone wants to follow her and keep up with them after the show. I wish them all the best.

2. Jay – 189k

Just missing out on the top spot is Jay. Honestly, after everything she went through during the show, a load of Instagram followers is the least she deserves.

1. Thomas – 206k

I adore Thomas, so I’m quite pleasantly surprised that he’s the MAFS UK 2023 cast member with the most Instagram followers after the show. Clearly we all know a king when we see one.

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