Peggy Georges MAFS UK together

Omg, Peggy and Georges have revealed whether they’re still together after leaving MAFS UK

I’m in shock

This is not a drill. Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK appeared on Steph’s Packed Lunch today and revealed that they are in fact still together!

The two appeared on the daytime show earlier today to discuss their current relationship status with Steph. They revealed that they are “still together” but that they are currently living apart. Peggy and Georges have decided to do things “normally” to build their relationship up after appearing on MAFS UK and will move back in together later down the line.

Fans were convinced that they had split after Georges returned to his squatting videos, but clearly, they’ve managed to work that all out between them!

The two have had a rocky journey throughout MAFS UK, but both decided to renew their vows in last night’s episode, with Peggy writing she’s “relieved” that they can now “publicly celebrate the imperfectly perfect us!”

Peggy wrote on Instagram: “Who said ‘happy ever after’ doesn’t exist!! From our first wedding day to this moment, who would have thought!? Sharing our journey, the highs and lows, has been an absolute rollercoaster! It’s a shame you never see the good times we had but there were probably too many that would’ve spoiled the ending for you all!

“Watching it back, reliving every emotion was the hardest part but knowing the outcome was what kept us going. From our highs to the lows, our story is real, imperfect, but uniquely ours!

“Here’s to embracing it all and following your heart. I wouldn’t have wanted to share this journey with anybody else and I’m so grateful and excited for our future together…So relieved that we can now publicly celebrate the imperfectly perfect us!”

Georges also shared an emotional statement on his Instagram writing: “Unbageutteable! I’ve always found in life that nice good-hearted men never win, and I seriously mean that, I always found when I was too nice I lost myself however, this time I lost myself and managed to bounce back, bigger, better and happier!

“Life works in magical and mysterious ways, this must be the most mysterious of them. Today I give you me, my loud, confident, large personality & waistline. Thank you for everyone’s love and support, here’s to you and our beautiful journey ahead. To be continued…”

I can’t wait for the full update on tonight’s reunion episode!

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