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All the clues about whether Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK are still together or not

Let the man squat in peace

Like everyone else, I could hardly believe that Georges and Peggy both decided to stay with each other on last night’s MAFS UK episode. If I was Georges I’d have been running for the hills after the homestay with Peggy, and it’s like Peggy actively enjoys being his number one hater. Still, with MAFS UK ending next week and the reunion happening soon, everyone is wondering whether Peggy and Georges are still together.

Whilst the two have been very good at not letting slip too much about their current relationship status, they’ve been kind enough to leave us some crumbs of juicy information here and there. So, from Georges squatting as a baguette to Peggy slipping up during an Instagram live, here are all the clues about whether Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK are still together!

Peggy still refers to Georges as her ‘husband’

Georges and Peggy have been sharing a lot of social media posts about their time on the experiment, with Peggy posting a number of cryptic captions that possibly suggest the pair are still together.

In one after a particularly dramatic dinner party, Peggy wrote in her Instagram caption, “A special shoutout to my husband @georgesbert who even though I’m a strong woman who can stand my own, stood by me when it felt like everyone was against us. When you’re in such an intense environment without your friends and family (especially being family-oriented) you need someone and that night, he was my French hero!”

She also replied to a fan who said they hoped the pair were still together with a comment saying, “aw thanks so much lovely.”

Who knows, maybe her captions means the two are still together!

But Georges has returned to his squatting roots

But, fans were left questioning whether their relationship had worked out, when Georges took to Instagram to reveal he was taking part in another squatting challenge for charity, despite promising Peggy he would never squat in front of a camera again. “I will be completing a 12-hour stream live on @twitch. Date to be confirmed, challenges to be confirmed, fancy dress to be confirmed, but SQUATS WILL BE BACK!,” he wrote.

Peggy then commented with the clapping hands and heart emoji, so whether they’re together or not she seems supportive!

Georges then posted a video of him squatting whilst dressed as a baguette on TikTok. The video shows the camera slowly panning up from the floor to Georges where he’s doing his squats. As Georges turns to face the face camera it is revealed that he is in fact wearing a baguette costume. They say life imitates art, but in this case, life imitates Georges Twitch streams.

Georges then asks the cameraman “What are you doing? Get out of my gaff!” before proceeding to throw a smaller plush baguette at him.

Could Georges living his best squatting life mean that the two are no longer together?

Peggy slips up during an Instagram live?

Oops! Did Peggy accidentally let slip that she and Georges are no longer together during a recent Instagram live she did with Thomas? In the video, Peggy asks Thomas, “How many months ago since you got married?” Thomas replies saying “Hmm, like eight months?” Peggy then replies exclaiming “It’s our eight-month anniversary today if I was still with Georges.”

Whilst Peggy might have just been trying to throw fans off the scent, it does seem like a pretty big clue that she and Georges might not still be together after MAFS UK.

Looks like we’ll have to keep watching and wait until the reunion to see if they managed to stay together after the experiment finished.

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