Confirmed! Another ‘chaos’ and ‘explosive’ MAFS UK 2023 reunion is coming in the New Year

Um, NINE cast members have been left off the guest list?!

It’s official: E4 has confirmed the best Christmas present of them all, a bonus MAFS UK 2023 reunion episode. There has been so much drama going on off-screen this year that it felt like we were robbed by only having a reunion that was filmed ages ago, but Channel 4 has heard our prayers and given us what we want.

The cast have returned to filming and we’re getting another check in to see where the couples stand all this time on from the experiment. Speaking to The Tab, Laura said to expect fireworks, and has confirmed there will be loads of drama and arguments.

So, here’s absolutely everything you need to know about the bonus MAFS UK 2023 reunion episode.

MAFS UK 2023 bonus reunion episode confirmed

via E4

E4 has confirmed there’s a MAFS UK 2023 bonus reunion coming in the New Year

Rumours of a bonus episode started circulating whilst the show was on, but now E4 has confirmed the extra episode will be airing in the New Year, ahead of the launch of Married at First Sight Australia’s latest series.

The cast will be back for another dinner party, taking place at a retreat in the English countryside. An E4 teaser for the episode says: “But at a MAFS UK dinner party – anything can happen. Will old dramas pick up where they left off? Will any of the couples that left the experiment still be together? Have any new romances blossomed, or new rivalries formed?”

The one-off special will give fans a chance to catch up on all the dramas and tensions that have unfolded off camera between the show’s brides and grooms while the series was airing.

A show insider said: “The relationship status of some of the couples has also been up and down in the last few months, so Channel 4 bosses wanted to get the key faces from the series back together to give fans the most up-to-date gossip. It’s bound to be very explosive.

“A lot of the cast have been quite fiery and opinionated about each other on social media since the show has been on, so expect all of that to spill out on camera. It’s a chance to reopen old wounds, settle new scores and find out everything that’s happened since the cameras stopped rolling.”

A few members of the cast won’t be there

via E4

Most of our fav MAFS UK 2023 cast members will be there, but there are a few notable absentees. Luke was not invited to the extra reunion following his fallout with Jordan, but E4 has confirmed Jay will be there without him. Nathanial also won’t be there, and he said in a salty interview he “couldn’t think of anything worse” than meeting up with Ella and the rest of the cast again.

Attending the extra reunion is: Adrienne, Ella, Erica, Georges, Jay, Jordan, Laura, Matt, Paul, Peggy, Rozz, Shona, Tasha and Thomas. This means Sean and Mark also won’t be there, and neither will JJ, Bianca, Brad, Terence or Porscha.

Laura called the bonus MAFS UK 2023 reunion ‘chaos’ and said there will be ‘a lot of fireworks’

MAFS UK 2023 bonus reunion episode confirmed

via E4

Speaking to The Tab, bride Laura said the bonus reunion is a must-watch, and will bring loads of drama from the cast since the show was filmed.

“As with any MAFS dinner party, there’s a huge amount of drama,” Laura told The Tab. “We filmed the first reunion at the end of July and we’ve only just filmed the new reunion, so much time has passed. It was a good opportunity for new friendships to come to fruition. It’s going to be an interesting one for people to watch – there’s going to be a lot of drama, a lot of fireworks and a few surprises.”

Laura said she wasn’t part of any of the major dramas that went down, but said there was “chaos going down all around me – I just sat back and watched it.” She confirmed couples have had arguments since the first reunion episode, so who knows what else could have happened!

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