Love Island 2022 cast different

Here’s how different the Love Island 2022 cast look in their entrance videos versus now

Ekin-Su has revealed she’s ditching her fillers for a more ‘natural’ look

The 2022 Love Islanders are insanely different people than when they first stepped into the villa and honestly I am obsessed with all their success and just how banging their look without fail. When in the villa they didn’t have access to all the things they do now and almost five months later, they all look so different. Love and happiness makes you glow and these Islanders are living proof of that!! Whether they’ve grown some more facial hair or are simply glowing like never before, here is how different the Love Island 2022 cast look from their first interview to now.


Love Island 2022 cast different

via YouTube and Instagram @andrewlepage

Andrew entered the villa looking fresh out of the womb and now he looks all grown up and it’s only been five months! I don’t know whether it’s the fashion sense or the selfie game, but Andrew looks so different and in all the best ways possible.


Love Island 2022 cast different

via YouTube and @tashaghouri

Tasha has been so iconic since she left the villa, from being eBay’s first sustainable fashion ambassador to being on course to become a millionaire, there is nothing Queen Tasha can’t do. Tasha is just glowing differently now than when she entered the villa, after all she’s become a role model to thousands, found the love of her life and is has brand deals and the opportunities of a lifetime. What more could you want?


Love Island 2022 cast different

via YouTube and Instagram @indiyahhp

Indiyah won the hearts of us all after her iconic line, “may the best heartbreaker win” and she is even more iconic than when she was in the villa. After scoring her brand deal with Boots, Indiyah has gone on to partner up with PrettyLittleThing and release her own false eyelashes line. Much like Tasha, she has secured the brand deals of a lifetime and is happier than ever. Things we absolutely love to see.


Love Island 2022 cast different

via YouTube and Instagram @damihope

I don’t know how, but Dami has become even more attractive than he was when he was in the villa. If there’s one thing about Dami, it’s that he’s going to serve looks! He ate with every single outfit in the villa and was the best groomed in the villa and he has continued that trend while living life outside the villa.


via YouTube and Instagram @davidesancli

The King of one-liners and tiramisu in the Love Island villa was Davide Sanclimenti. The one thing Davide no longer does is wear the tightest jeans ever, we can only thank whoever put him in these what I can imagine are the most comfortable trousers on earth. Fashion game? Levelled up. How did Love Island manage to find these well groomed gentleman? We love a man who can keep their facial hair in tact.


via YouTube and Instagram @ekinsuofficial

Queen-Su has truly had a glam makeover since leaving the villa. After the show ended she went back to her natural dark brown hair colour and has since revealed her plans to dissolve all of her lip filler. She said: “Whatever lip filler I have, I’m going to dissolve. I didn’t like the fake look. I think natural beauty is a lot prettier.”


via YouTube and @paigethornex

Paige was one of the many Islanders who was done dirty by the Love Island photographer in her promo photo and honestly just look at the difference! A gorgeous queen from infinity to infinity.


via YouTube and Instagram @lucabish

Luca’s teeth are still brighter than my future so he hasn’t changed all that much! Except now, he doesn’t have Gemma Owen by his side after their recent split.


via YouTube and Instagram @gemowen_1

Gemma Owen hasn’t changed all that much other than just becoming even more rich than she already was. You just know her necklace is never coming off no matter what is going on in her life.

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