All the times the Love Island photographer has done the Islanders dirty over the years

Give me a moment while I scream


The very first thing we get to see about a new Love Island contestant is their promo photo before they enter the villa. Each year we see their professional shot and then it’s almost as if we see a completely different person when they go onto the show. Whether it’s bad lighting or the wrong angles, fans notice it every single year and call for justice for the Islanders. As they should!

Love Island 2023 isn’t the first season viewers have noticed the difference in photos and how we see them on TV. In the photographs the Islanders are as gorgeous as ever but their promo shots don’t do them justice in comparison to their own selfies and how we see them in the villa.

Fans aren’t the only ones who think this as former Islanders have come out and slammed their professional photographs since leaving Love Island.

From season five to season eight, here is every time the photographer did the Love Island contestants dirty with their professional photo shots:

Scott – Season 10

via ITV

Scott has become a loved character on this year’s Love Island, for his witty one-liners and his short-lived relationship with Catherine. He entered the villa as a bombshell and well, you can just tell someone had an axe to grind because what is going on?!

Molly-Mae – Season five

Credit via ITV and Instagram @mollymae

Molly-Mae entered the villa as a bombshell during season five of Love Island and no one can forget her iconic hot tub entrance. This was the official photo released ahead of Molly’s entrance and it did not do her justice in the slightest.

Millie – Season seven

via ITV and Instagram @milliegracecourt

Our piano queen Millie was done so dirty in her press photo, she even called out the photographer herself. In an Instagram story, Millie shared her official Love Island picture and said: “This pic will haunt me until I die. Sorry but this just isn’t it. Worst press picture in the history of Love Island award goes to me. What is my hair and makeup!?” Storming Love Island HQ at dawn, who’s with me?

Amy – Season seven

via ITV and Instagram @amy_dayx

Casa Amor bombshell Amy Day left Love Island unlucky in love and with a photo that just did not do her the justice she deserved! The lighting in the professional shot just wasn’t the one, why does the photographer do this?!

Adam – Season eight

Pictured is Adam from Love Island

via ITV and Instagram @adamcollard

This is quite frankly unforgivable. What did Adam do to deserve such a photo? You’d think they do him a service from his season four stint on the show but clearly there was an axe to grind when it came to taking Adam’s photo. Enough with the harsh lighting!

Siânnise- Season six

via ITV and Instagram @siannisefudge

Justice for my girl Siânnise is all I wish to say on this matter.

Paige Thorne – Season eight

Pictured is a photo of Paige from Love Island

via ITV and Instagram @paigethornex

Much like her partner on the show, Paige was done dirty by the Love Island photographer. The lighting was not her friend when it came to this photo and I all want to do is scream into a pillow because why couldn’t they just retake the photo?

Andrew – Season eight

via ITV and Instagram @andrewlepage

Justice for Andrew and his impeccable jaw line!

Ellie – Season nine

via ITV and Instagram @elliespennie

Ellie looks stunning in both photos but that flash was just not needed!

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Featured image credit via ITV and Instagram @milliegracecourt.