Quiz to find out which Love Island 2022 girl you are by planning a bottomless brunch

Plan a boozy bottomless brunch and we’ll tell you which Love Island 2022 gal you are

We all know the booking’s in Danica’s name and she’s in the chat the night before making sure everyone’s still free

Love Island 2022 is nearly over, so by now we feel as though we know the Islanders inside out, and the girls are basically our best friends. So what do best friends do at the weekend? Go out for bottomless brunch, of course!

There are distinct personalities in every girl group, and each one of them takes on a different, crucial, role in the bottomless brunch rituals. There’s the one who’s organising it all, making sure everyone knows the outfit vibe, where to be and the ins and outs of the day, and then at the other end of the spectrum you’ll find the hot mess – fashionably late to the booking, didn’t even know whose name it was under, flirting with everyone in sight and getting so drunk she’s banned from the bar for life.

And these personalities match up pretty well to the Love Island 2022 girls, so this quiz is going to match your brunch persona to one of them. Danica is the organised gal, Gemma is getting the best content for Instagram, Ekin-Su is hyping everyone up and flirting to infinity, whilst Paige has downed so many proseccos she has no idea what’s going on. Now it’s time to find out which gal you are.

Plan a bottomless brunch in the quiz below, and find out which girl from Love Island 2022 you are:

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