Quiz to see which Love Island 2022 boy you would couple up with

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Love Island 2022 boy you would couple up with

Is there an option to dodge them all?

There’s no point in sugar-coating it, the boys on Love Island this year are pretty awful. They have double standards galore with the way they behave compared to the girls, and their behaviour has been so bad, women’s charities have called it out. Buuuuuuut, every year we end up imagining ourselves coupling up with at least one Love Island boy, so here’s a quiz for the 2022 lads.

I never thought we’d be living in a world where Adam Collard is the most desirable of the bunch. But here we are. Maybe you might couple up with Luca? At least you know he’ll be protective and be with you forever. Or maybe Davide? A gym buff who might make some spare time to take you on a date, every now and then. Or perhaps your best match is someone like Billy? I’m sure he can be a bit of a laugh, sometimes.

Usually at this point I’d end the introductions and say you can only couple up with one boy from Love Island 2022, as though you’d like to have the pick of them all, and that this quiz is going to tell you who that will be. But I actually think it’s more fitting to wish you good luck, and say you have the unfortunate fate ahead of being matched with one of the boys from this year. Sorry in advance if you end up with well… any of them. I don’t make the rules.

Take this quiz to see which boy from Love Island 2022 you would couple up with:

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