Love Island boys this year have proved just how prominent double standards in dating are

They make Adam Collard look like a saint

The men on Love Island are notoriously toxic. There’s always been a clear set of double standards between the men and women in the villa but this year it’s way worse and fans are really noticing the misogyny from the male season eight cast.

The behaviour from some of the male Islanders this year is so bad that domestic violence charity Refuge has called out the boys’ behaviour in a tweet. It said: “The misogyny and casual sexism witnessed on this series of Love Island is extremely concerning. The double standards, gaslighting and coercive control being displayed by the men in the villa is hugely problematic.” The statement then goes on to advise those affected by what they’ve seen in the show to ring their helpline.

Davide has huge double standards when it comes to how he treats Ekin-Su

Fans of Love Island have been noticing the misogyny and double standards between this year’s contestants more than ever. In the very first week of the season Davide branded Ekin-Su a “liar” and “an actress” and still continues to bring up her attraction to Jay as an excuse for their relationship having no trust.

But in Casa Amor Davide was kissing both Coco and Mollie – Ekin-Su was truly out of his mind. When Ekin watched the kisses back in the mad movies challenge she literally said “He doesn’t kiss me like that” and my heart broke.

Luca’s behaviour after mad movies was hard to watch

In the mad movies challenge Luca’s attitude took a real turn and the double standards were so clear to anyone other than the boys in that villa. He got so upset at Gemma for apparently “entertaining” Billy flirting with her despite the fact she literally said “we’re friends”. She couldn’t have been any more obvious if she tried!! Luca kept saying how Gemma betrayed him and that she made him look like an idiot. Also the way he spoke to Billy as though they were mates but spoke to Gemma like she was entirely in the wrong was fucked. Essentially his ego and male pride took a hit and he couldn’t control his anger.

Earlier on in the same challenge though his mood was completely different. He was loving backing his boys for doing things a million times worse than Gemma. Watching back how the boys behaved in Casa Amor, Luca was laughing as Dami made moves on with other girls despite knowing he had a connection with Indiyah. Luca was heard shouting “That’s my boy” and “Tasha, who?” every time Andrew kissed a different girl.

Dami and Luca are nasty towards Tasha

I am sick of Dami and Luca treating Tasha so badly. They have been picking on her for days and Andrew, her boyfriend, has not made a peep in favour of her. It’s so unnecessary and Tasha has said she no longer wants to be mates with them. In a recent episode Luca said Tasha was “riding the coattails” of Andrew which obviously didn’t go down well with her. Dami backed Luca as he stood by his remarks saying “there’s more brutal stuff she could have got”.

Tasha was called out for talking to guys whilst Andrew was getting with Coco

All Tasha did in Casa Amor was have conversations with guys and for that she’s been called out. But when it comes to Andrew it’s alright despite the fact “he’s been sucking on Coco’s fucking tits as well”. It’s not fair and Love Island has a real problem with hypocrisy this year.

Everyone assumed Gemma fancied Billy because she was….nice

The Gemma and Billy situation was really eye opening to watch. It proves the fact that when a woman speaks to a man, and is nice, it’s automatically assumed she fancies him. She was simply being a nice person and even clearly said “we’re friends” but for some reason he just won’t take that as an answer for whether she fancies him back or not. The double standards this year are crazy.

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