Hannah Elizabeth's transformation

Hannah Elizabeth’s transformation over the years now she looks like a ‘Bratz’ doll

She was on season one of Love Island

Love Island vertan Hannah Elizabeth has fan OG fans talking following her cosmetic surgery which has transformed her into what some would compare as a living Bratz doll. The 32-year-old recently travelled to Turkey to get cosmetic procedures done and revealed to her fans her brand new look. Hannah was on the first season of Love Island and famously got engaged to Jon on the show. Over the past seven years, Hannah has had multiple transformations, showing off an insanely different look each time in comparison to her Love Island days. Now she has completely changed, here is a look at Hannah Elizabeth’s transformation has had over the years.

Hannah had minimal work done when she was on Love Island

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Prior to entering the villa, Hannah Elizabeth had lip filler and breast surgery but it wasn’t until after the villa when the playboy bunny model began to get even more work done.

In 2018, she got a Brazilian Butt Lift after saying she disliked how her bum looked

In 2018, Hannah Elizabeth shared with her fans her latest surgery which was for her new bum. In an Instagram post, she said: “Goodbye old bum! So happy to be able to fulfil my dream of a perfect bum thanks to Serene Cosmetic and Dr Aslani.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, Hannah explained her reasoning for the surgery. “I wanted to get a BBL done because I lost a lot of weight and felt skinning. I used to like my bum but then I lost it. I felt a lot of pressure from social media and seeing everyone with a perfect peach so I thought ‘I want to do it’, she said.

Over the years, Hannah has had nose jobs and even more lip filler

In January 2022, Hannah Elizabeth shared with her followers had flown to Turkey to have her nose done. The former Islander said she “couldn’t be happier” with her new “pixie nose”.

In November 2022, Hannah had surgery to have a ‘fox eye lift’

The model flew out to Turkey in late autumn this year to get a canthoplasty, which is also known as a fox eye life, which elongates the eyes into an almond shape. As well as the canthoplasty, she upped her breast implants from 700 cc to 1050 cc. In a post to her Instagram story, Hannah said: “Day one I feel like a Bratz – I’m obsessed. Couldn’t have asked for more. Exactly what I wanted, I’m made up.”

Talking about her breast surgery, Hannah said: “New breast implants 1050 cc under the muscle. I have gone from 700 cc and after having the baby has really helped filled out the loose pocket and also helped with my rippling I’m blown away. Couldn’t be happier.”

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