Cherished Love Islanders

The Love Islanders who are the most cherished of all time even though they didn’t win the show

Chloe Burrows is the best Islander from season seven and that’s final x

While some may go on to Love Island for money and fame, or maybe some go on to find true love, not everyone gets so lucky. However, many Islanders won the hearts of the nation while in the villa and for that alone they have become the most cherished Love Islanders of all time. Whether they made us laugh non-stop in the villa or have us obsessed with their TikToks and Instagram stories, there is never a dull moment when it comes to these forever loved Islanders. So even if they didn’t win Love Island, here are all the former Islanders who people have cherished ever since they left the villa:

Camilla Thurlow

Camilla Thurlow won us all over for her sweet and genuine nature when she starred on Love Island in 2017. It was her season that truly put Love Island at the forefront of our minds. Camilla was an OG girl and made it all the way to the final and to make it all worth while she is now married to Jamie, who she met on the show, and they now have two kids together. Camilla has to be the most unproblematic Islanders to ever grace our screens and she doesn’t half the amount of recognition she deserves.

In 2020, she released her biography, titled Not the Type: Finding Your Place in the Real World. She now has two daughters and her Instagram is a cuteness overload. So sure, she may not have won Love Island, but she won our hearts and continues to do so to this day.

Maura Higgins

Maura Higgins was such a menace while she was on Love Island and honestly, we don’t thank her enough for the iconic television she gave us. Since leaving the villa she has provided us with quality content on her Instagram and as always, she is drop dead stunning. Every day like clockwork the words “fanny flutters” pops into my mind and I can’t help but thank Maura for etching that phrase into my mind.

Nowadays she travels the world and dresses in some of the most iconic outfits ever seen. There is just nothing that Maura can’t do, and she’s best mates with Molly Mae so it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Ovie Soko

If Ovie isn’t one your most cherished Islanders ever, you ought to have a hard look at yourself. Ovie won us all over for literally just saying, “message”, and if we’re being honest that’s all he needed to do. Remembered for his laid back attitude and calm approach to pretty much anything, Ovie is the Islander we want in every single season of Love Island.

Ovie currently plays for the London Lions of the British Basketball League and is still as chilled out and attractive as ever. There is nothing this man can’t do, and I want him back on Love Island.

Chloe Burrows

Chloe still lets no man take her for a mug and quite frankly she is the best Islander to come from season seven. If her saying she’s not going to let anyone take her for a mug isn’t permanently etched into your brain then you clearly have no taste when it comes to iconic Love Island quotes. She may not have won Love Island but she is still living her best life.

From featuring on Francis Bourgeois’ new TV show, to moving in with her best friend and being a JD Sports ambassador, there is nothing Chloe can’t do. Chloe is the gift that keeps on giving, and her interviewing skills on the Kiss 100 red carpet prove she is the best Islander ever. An icon!

Danica Taylor

All hail Queen Danica Taylor, the most unluckiest Islander ever but the most cherished by the public. Danica has not let anything slow her down and has been truly living her best life every day of the week. Since leaving the villa she has been travelling to different countries almost every day with Antigoni and Paige, attending award shows left, right and centre and living life to the fullest.

Plus, her TikTok is just straight up gold and constantly has people wishing they could dance like her.

Georgia Townend

Georgia Townend is the gift that keeps on giving, just as she was when she left the villa. Georgia wasn’t on Love Island very long but as soon as she was dumped from the villa, she was nothing short of comedy. Whether it’s her hilarious tweets or simply witty Instagram captions, Georgia Townend has to be the most cherished Love Islander who was hardly on the show.

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