10 hidden Easter eggs you definitely missed in season three of The Umbrella Academy

Did you spot the hidden QR code in the finale?


Contains spoilers!

Season three of The Umbrella Academy has only been out for one week and fans have been trying to make sense of the ending all while making up the wildest theories to avoid the fact that Sloane may actually be dead, and we will never get Umbrella Academy Ben back. Sorry, but it’s true.

As the show is based on a series of comics, every episode has Easter eggs alluding back to the comics and several references to the past episodes in seasons one and two. But how many did you notice at first look? Here are 10 Easter eggs and references you missed from The Umbrella Academy season three:

1. The date on The Obsidian Memorial Park plaque

In the season finale, the remaining Umbrella and Sparrow Academy siblings were transported to grounds of the Hotel Obsidian without their powers. The plaque in the middle of the park reads: “Obsidian Memorial Park. Graciously donated by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. This first day of October 1989.” The first of October 1989 is the day all the siblings were born at random. This is one final moment between the siblings as Reginald, after he reset the universe by ridding them of their powers.

2. Season three starts with the recreation of the prams from season one

In season three we are introduced to The Sparrow Academy, a group of new siblings who Reginald Hargreeves chose to raise instead of the Umbrellas. In the first episode, there is an exact parallel of the children being pushed in their prams with Sparrow symbols and with the Umbrella siblings being pushed in their prams in season one.

3. The woman at the end of season three is Abigail Hargreeves

Attentive fans of the show will have realised the woman who was stood next to Reginald is his wife, Abigail. The beginning of the season one finale showed Abigail Hargreeves as Reginald’s love “from long ago. Reginald sent Luther to the moon to guard her cryogenically frozen corpse on the moon. It is possible that when Reginald fuelled the universe resetting machine with the particles of the siblings, is what brought Abigail back to life.

4. The hidden QR code in the season three finale

Hidden reference in The Umbrella Academy season three

Eagle-eyed fans were able to spot the carefully hidden QR code next to Ben during the post-credit scene. If you scan the code, it opens a link to Pogo’s Tattoo Shop which has a bunch of different Umbrella Academy themed tattoo designs.

5. Luther Hargreeves and his wholesome crab dance

Hidden reference in The Umbrella Academy season three

If there is one thing The Umbrella Academy knows what to do, it is pulling off a dance routine. In season three, after being spat on by Jayme, Diego’s inner thoughts are revealed and strangely it is about the Sparrow and Umbrella Academy have a dance battle to Footloose. In the season one premiere, Luther and his siblings began dancing in different rooms to I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany and Luther does what can only be described as a crab dance move. In both the different timelines and dances, Luther does the same move.

6. Allison’s hair in season three is the same as her character in the comics

Allison has had many different hairstyles across the course of the show. In season three, Allison’s new hairstyle is quite significant and a nod to the comic books the show is based on. The Rumor as she is called in the comics, has the exact same hairstyle as Allison does in season three.

7. Sparrow Ben has multiple drawings of a woman named Jennifer

Hidden reference in The Umbrella Academy season three

One of the many things Umbrella Academy fans are still unaware about is how Ben died in the original timeline as an Umbrella sibling. In season three, his death was reduced to The Jennifer Incident. Jennifer is a woman who is linked to Ben in both timelines in the show, but more so with Sparrow Ben, who it seems he is obsessed with as he has drawings of her all across his room.

8. There is a massive change in what Hotel Obsidian/Oblivion is in the show in comparison to the comics

Hidden reference in The Umbrella Academy season three

Hotel Obsidian/Oblivion comes straight from the comics. In the comic series, Reginald Hargreeves created Hotel Oblivion as a lure to trap extra-dimensional entities and as a prison of villains who had been defeated by the Umbrella siblings. This was heavily changed in the Netflix series as Hotel Oblivion is inhabited by guardians rather than prisoners and was an elaborate facade to reset the universe.

9. The My Chemical Romance reference in Sloane’s introduction

When we meet The Sparrow Academy, Sloane is reading a book called The Jetset Life. This is an easter egg referring to the My Chemical Romance song The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You. Gerard Way, the creator of The Umbrella Academy, is part of the band.

10. Five tells Pogo he met him as a baby chimp in 1963

In the season three timeline, Pogo is fired from the Sparrow Academy, and when he is tracked down by Five, he is a tattoo artist. An interesting career move to say the least. Five reminds him of their encounter in season two and said: “I don’t know if you remember, but I have a scar to prove it.” This is a nod to season two when the siblings are stuck in the 1960s, and Five met baby Pogo who scratched his neck and left a scar.

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