A bunch of Umbrella Academy season three theories more wild than the Kugelblitz

Storming Netflix HQ to find out about The Jennifer Incident, who’s with me?

Contains spoilers! 

The third season of The Umbrella Academy is on Netflix and everyone’s burning questions from season two’s baffling finale have been answered. Kind of. The ending of season three was nothing short of out of this world, dare I say universe. The Umbrella Academy siblings minus Allison were all together after the universe reset, without their powers. Allison was reunited with her daughter Claire and her husband Ray Chestnut from season two, and there are still so many unanswered questions.

Since the new season dropped on Netflix, fans have been thinking up theories that can only tide us over until season four is inevitably announced. Here’s a rundown of all the theories about The Umbrella Academy season three so far.

How Ben died (The Jennifer Incident)

Throughout seasons one and two of the show, Ben is a ghost who follows Klaus around after dying on a mission when the Umbrellas were all teenagers. However, at the end of season two, when the Umbrella Academy siblings travel back to 2019, they are met with a very much alive Ben Hargreeves who is part of the Sparrow Academy. Despite all this, it is never shared how Ben actually died. Luther dubs Ben’s death as ‘The Jennifer Incident’, and Viktor finds drawings of a girl named Jennifer on the walls of Sparrow Academy Ben’s bedroom.

With knowing very little about who Jennifer is, it is clear both versions of Ben had a connection with someone called Jennifer, but there are two different outcomes in the Umbrella and Sparrow Academy timelines. Screenrant draws parallels between the two timelines in the show, which both have references to The Jennifer Incident which makes it seem that the mission that killed Ben in the Umbrella timeline also happened during the Sparrows, but Ben survives. Screenrant theorises that Umbrella Ben sacrificed himself on a mission to save the mysterious Jennifer and Sparrow Ben attempted to do the same but was unsuccessful and constantly thinks about the tragedy.

What happened to Sloane?

Sloane in The Umbrella Academy

Sloane and Ben were the only remaining Sparrow Academy siblings at the end of season three. However, when Allison resets the universe Ben is alive with the other Umbrellas, but Sloane is nowhere to be found. One theory suggests that Sloane may still exist in the timeline the Umbrella Academy siblings find themselves in, but she will not be the same person Luther married and fell in love with.

During the post-credit scene in season three, we see Ben on a train in Seoul as a normal human with no superpowers who was never recruited by Reginald Hargreeves. This suggests there are two alternate versions of Ben, and this may be the same for Sloane. The original Sloane may have been transported to the new timeline separately like Allison, or she was killed.

Who is the post-credit scene Ben?

Ben in The Umbrella Academy post credit scene

After the season three finale, there is a post-credit scene where we see Ben on a train reading a book in Seoul, South Korea. He looks up as the conductor announces the next stop and then the rest of the credits roll. It is quite obvious this isn’t the same Ben who arrived in the new reset universe with the other Umbrella Academy siblings.

One theory that is quite believable is that Ben has a doppelgänger. In season three, Five tells the other Umbrellas that they may experience doppelgänger psychosis because they do not belong in the timeline they are in. If in the new timeline they have all been transported to is where the Umbrella siblings belong, it means the Sparrow version of Ben should not exist there. This theory fits in with Sloane also having a doppelgänger.

Another theory is that the Ben on the train is the original Umbrella Academy Ben who has been brought back to life. The only evidence to suggest this could have happened is because Luther was brought back to life in the new universe.

What is Christopher Hargreeves?

The Sparrow Academy’s number seven is quite literally a floating cube. He is known as the existential dread-inducing psykronium cube which can cause paralysis, fear, existential dread and freezing temperatures at any point. But not much is known as to why Christopher is a cube. Was he once a human? Did someone give birth to a cube? There is much to think about.  Some fans think Christopher could be an alien, like Reginald. Others think he may have been transformed like Luther did.

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