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From Eldritch tentacles to defying gravity: A rundown of the Sparrow Academy’s powers

Don’t hate me, but they’re better than the Umbrella Academy’s powers

The Umbrella Academy season three is now streaming on Netflix and fans have been introduced to seven new superhuman siblings called the Sparrow Academy. At the end of season two, the Umbrella Academy siblings travelled back in time to 2019 to their family mansion, only to be met with hostility by their father Reginald Hargreeves and his new group of adoptive children. Marcus, Ben, Fei, Alphonso, Sloane, Jayme and Christopher are the OG siblings’ competition in season three with an array of different superpowers. Their powers are quite confusing, what would you even call the spit that comes out of Jayme’s mouth?

Here is a rundown of the Sparrow Academy siblings’ powers:

Marcus Hargreeves – Sparrow number one

Marcus is the alternate to Luther in the Sparrow Academy. Like Luther, he has superhuman strength and is the leader of the group, although in the Umbrella Academy, Number Five often takes the reigns.

Ben Hargreeves – Sparrow number two

Ben Hargreeves is no stranger to fans of the show, but during seasons one and two, Ben was a ghost who was unable to make use of his powers. Despite being number six in the Umbrella Academy, he is now number two. Ben has the ability to summon Eldritch tentacles from himself and hide them in plain sight.

Fei Hargreeves – Sparrow number three

Fei’s presence is enough of a reason to never want to cross her. Fei can manifest a murder of crows from her body and use them to attack her enemies. Although she appears blind, the crows act as Fei’s eyes and ears.

Alphonso Hargreeves – Sparrow number four

alphonso from the sparrow academy

Alphonso is arguably the coolest and most relatable Sparrow with his witty comebacks and love for pizza. The number four of the Sparrow Academy is able to inflict any injury he gets onto the perpetrator. For example, if you were to punch Alphonso in the face, you would feel the effect on your face. In the comics, his power is called empathic masochism.

Sloane Hargreeves – Sparrow number five

Sloane from the sparrow academy

Sparrow number five, Sloane, can defy gravity. Now, she’s no Elphaba but she has the ability to control gravity, which enables her to fly and levitate. Sloane can also move objects and people with her powers.

Jayme Hargreeves – Sparrow number six

Jayme from the sparrow academy

Jayme AKA The Pessimist is Sparrow number six. Her powers are pretty gross. She is able to shoot hallucinogenic venom from her throat, which causes those who fall victim to her to have hallucinations or daydreams. Although sounding quite disgusting, without Jayme we would not have got the best dance sequence The Umbrella Academy has ever produced at the start of season three.

Christopher – Sparrow number seven

Christopher is the number seven of the Sparrow Academy and is the most confusing member of the group, as he has no human body and is a floating cube. Christopher is also known as the existential dread-inducing psykronium cube. He can cause paralysis, fear, existential dread and freezing temperatures at any point.

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