Pictured is Klaus who is in the umbrella academy

How well do you remember what happened in The Umbrella Academy seasons one and two?

Not even Number Five could get top marks in this quiz

Season three of The Umbrella Academy has officially dropped on Netflix, and like myself you are probably itching to see what unfolds between the Umbrella Academy and Sparrow Academy siblings, all while avoiding every spoiler possible on Twitter. Seasons one and two were nothing short of chaotic and we should expect no less from season three, especially since the show has shared on social media that someone will not survive this season.

It’s been two years since season two dropped on Netflix and thinking back, you could probably remember some of powers of the Umbrella Academy siblings, and lets be honest it’s probably only Number Five’s. But do you remember what went down when they had to use them in seasons one and two? Do you remember how they got their powers in season one? There is a possibility you do but there is also a high likelihood you will need to watch the minute long recap on Netflix before beginning your binge.

But before you get ready to watch the entirety of The Umbrella Academy in one sitting or have a go at being responsible and span it across the whole weekend, let’s put to the test how well you remember everything that went down in seasons one and two of the Netflix show. Take this Umbrella Academy trivia quiz to find out:

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