Right, now it’s time to talk about *that* apocalyptic Umbrella Academy ending

Reginald Hargreeves, I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!

Contains spoilers!

The Umbrella Academy season three dropped on Netflix last week and if you haven’t already finished it, I suggest you do so now so you can join in on the frustration of what they did to Allison’s character. The new season introduced us to the Sparrow Academy siblings and a whole new set of superpowers to wrap our heads around. As the Umbrella Academy jump back in time to 2019, they brought with them the Kugelblitz which is essentially a black hole that sent shockwaves across the universe and turned people into ash.

After numerous fight and dance scenes, the Umbrella and Sparrow siblings decide to join forces to defeat the Kugelblitz, but nothing prepared them or fans of the show for what happened next.

The Umbrella Academy season three ending explained:

The end of season three sees the Umbrella Academy defeat the Kugelblitz with the help of Reginald Hargreeves. Before travelling through the corridor to escape the Kugelblitz in Hotel Obsidion, we see Reginald kill Luther with his alien tentacle and leave Klaus for dead.

Number Five and Viktor suspect that their father is up to something and is responsible for Klaus and Luther’s death. Five begins to piece together a memory of Reginald and Allison making a deal the night before, suspecting his sister is in on the whatever their father has planned. We soon find out that Allison and Reginald are working together, but it was not part of the deal to kill Klaus and Luther. Allison confronts her father who denies any wrongdoing and tells her to keep up her end of the bargain.

Luther and Klaus in Umbrella Academy season three

While all this is going on, Luther and Klaus are together eating pizza in the Void. When Luther realises he is actually dead he begs Klaus to bring them back to the other side, however Klaus is content in the Void and doesn’t want to. After Luther throws Klaus through walls and promises to do so for eternity, Klaus reluctantly agrees to go back to help his brothers and sisters.

Reginald gathers what is left of the siblings together in the lobby of what is now called Hotel Oblivion and details the legend of seven bells, which if the bells are rung, the universe will be restored. Reginald tells them the seven bells are a metaphor for the sigil and once they found the symbol of the sigil, they would be closer to saving the universe. The siblings split up and each come face to face with the Guardians.

Each of the three groups of siblings battle a different Guardian who are indestructible samurais with bugs all over their bodies, and they all manage to kill them. The Sparrows and Umbrellas meet back in the lobby and find a very much alive Klaus who reveals it was Reginald who killed Luther and locked him out of the tunnel to Hotel Oblivion, leading him to be taken by the Kugelblitz. The siblings confront Reginald who insists he had no choice but to kill Luther but says the key to resetting the universe is finding the sigil, which Five realises is a pattern of seven stars on the floor. Before he can tell the others, a final Guardian bursts out and chops off Five’s arm.

Lila and Viktor in Umbrella Academy season three

Five manages to tell the others the sigil is on the lobby floor and Reginald tells them all to stand on a star, other than Allison. As each sibling stands on a star, beams of light connect them, and the hotel begins to break down and the light begins to drain the life of the five Umbrella siblings and two Sparrows. Allison is horrified once Reginald reveals that the hotel was just a facade, and it was a machine stuck inside another dimension by whoever created the universe.

The particles inside the Umbrellas and Sparrows are the only things that can power the machine, but before Reginald can complete his plan Allison kills him. But she slowly walks towards the machine where there is a glowing red button, and she presses it despite her siblings begging her not to. By doing this, Allison resets the universe. Five, Viktor, Ben, Klaus, Diego and Lila step out into a memorial park, and it appears the universe has been restored. Luther also follows and much to their surprise he is no longer an ape/human hybrid. The siblings try to use their powers, but nothing happens. Allison doesn’t return with her siblings and instead we see Allison go to her daughter’s bedroom and this time it really is Claire and she is then greeted by her husband, from 1963, Ray Chestnut.

We then see the camera pan to a city filled with Hargreeves-owned buildings and businesses. In a skyscraper, we see Reginald looking out over the city and a woman walks up next to him and takes his hand. The woman is Abigail Hargreeves, Reginald’s presumed dead wife.

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