Klaus and Diego in Umbrella Academy season three

Just 26 Umbrella Academy memes while we wait for Netflix to renew it for another season

Are we all in agreement Klaus and Five carried season three?

The Umbrella Academy season three has been on Netflix for a week and if you haven’t finished it yet I suggest you stop what you’re doing right now and get cracking. There are so many unanswered questions after the ending of season three that fans are still yet to wrap their heads around all while patiently waiting for Netflix to renew The Umbrella Academy for a fourth season. The theories are endless, just like the memes on social media. If there’s one thing fans know how to do best, it’s flocking to Twitter to share their thoughts about a show after spending the day binge watching it.

While you wait not so patiently for Netflix to confirm a season four of The Umbrella Academy, sit back and enjoy these 26 Umbrella Academy memes.

1. So true bestie

2. Diego, you have my heart <3

3. Give the people what they want!

4. I think we should all do it tbh


6. They carry the whole show on their shoulders!

7. I’ll never forgive them

8. Science really

9. They could just live, laugh, love their way through the apocalypse tbh

10. My favourite Sparrow

11. Umbrellas > Sparrows

12. Just admit it

13. The cutest !!

14. They are the evils ones!

15. The best scene from the whole season hands down

16. Seriously though

17. Uncomfortable to say the least

18. Wounded

19. Justice for Jayme!

20. Crickets

21. Right?!

22. Appalling if you ask me

23. Always and forever

24. Maybe this does trump the first dance scene

25. It’s all a bit confusing really

26. Absolutely not, I won’t stand for it

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