Amy Hart speaks out in support of railway workers ‘bravely going on strike’

Francis Bourgeois is quaking

Love Island’s unproblematic icon, Amy Hart, has given her support to the ongoing railway strikes by the RMT union.

In a tweet, Amy said: “Solidarity with all the RMT workers bravely going on strikes. A proud trade unionist myself, I applaud you for taking a stand.”

Amy has frequently used her platform to praise the trade union movement, previously talking about how her former union, Unite helped her when she worked as a stewardess at British Airways. In a video on Twitter, she told her followers: “if I could give you one piece of advice, join a union”. 

Since leaving Love Island, Amy has spoken openly about her desire to change career and go into politics telling The Sun she thinks she could be a “relatable MP”.

If she did go into parliament, it’s very clear that her party allegiance lies with the Labour Party. She’s attended several Labour events and met with key party figures including leader, Keir Starmer who she held a Q&A session with during the party’s national conference last year.

Via Twitter @amyhart1707

Amy’s love for trade unions seems deep-rooted and she’s called for influencers like herself to create their own “creators union”. Amy argued that a lot of people make a living from social media and that a union is needed to make it ” fairer with the actual social media networks”.

Amy also spoke at a rally for the Trade Union Congress last year and showed support to British Gas workers on strike.

Responding to criticism that there is “nothing brave about going on strike”, Amy didn’t back down, saying this morning that “standing up for what you believe in” and “fighting for a better future for others” were both brave things to do. 

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