Debunked: Did Harry Styles wear a t-shirt saying ‘all Tories are c**ts’?

A viral post claiming to show Harry in the t-shirt has been liked and shared thousands of times

As Harry Styles packed out Wembley on the weekend, a viral post on social media claimed to show Harry Styles in a t-shirt with the slogan “all Tories are c**ts” written across it.

The controversial slogan attracted a lot of attention with some saying they found it offensive and that “he should be made to take it off.” Others praised the singer saying, “just gone way up in my estimations”.

The image spread across Facebook and Twitter has been liked and shared by thousands including iconic 80s band, UB40.

The image is actually a photoshop of a picture taken in 2014

In reality, the image is a photoshop of a picture taken of Harry leaving an LA club in 2014 with two women. In the real photo, Harry is seen wearing a plain black t-shirt with no slogan written across it. On Facebook, the post has now been flagged to users as an “altered photo”.

So unfortunately for some, the t-shirt isn’t available to buy anywhere and you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see Harry wearing anything quite as politically bold as that.

But he’s definitely not a Tory

Harry Styles is no fan of the Tories though, in 2013 he allegedly called himself a “Labour supporter”. Before the 2017 election, he didn’t specify who he was voting for but said he’d probably vote for “whoever is against Brexit”.

Despite this One Direction’s 2013 One Way or Another music video did feature an incredibly strange cameo by former Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Other One Direction members have also been vocal about their anti-Tory sentiments. Niall Horan called former Tory Health Secretary, Matt Hancock “very smug and slippery” over his handling of the pandemic. However, Liam Payne made comments in 2019 that some interpreted as meaning he would be voting Tory.

Asked how he would be voting between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn he said: “I don’t think we give people enough time.  Same with West Brom football club. They always change their manager every week it seems and we never get time to gel with anybody.

“So it’s like, if I was changing my manager every week, I’d probably be really shit too.” Which some saw as a tacit endorsement that he didn’t want to remove the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

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