Here are all the previous jobs the Selling Sunset cast had before they were realtors

Amanza was a model on Deal or No Deal!


Look, the Selling Sunset cast are loaded – being a real estate agent in LA is obviously one of the very lucrative jobs. But it turns out the Selling Sunset realtors weren’t always working in property – pretty much everyone in the cast had loads of other jobs and side hustles in the past. In the Oppenheim group office there are former models, lawyers and NFL cheerleaders – and Amanza was even on Deal or No Deal!

Here are all the jobs the Selling Sunset cast have had:

Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea is the newest realtor to join the Oppenheim Group and the cast of Selling Sunset – and she’s British! Chelsea has worked as a realtor for five years, but before this she had a much more corporate job, as a business strategist and solar analyst with companies in the oil and gas industry. She has achieved a degree in Business Economics and Economics from University of Buckingham, before heading to the University of Dundee where she got a Master’s in International Oil and Gas Management.

Chelsea says she was inspired by her parents to have a successful career. Her mother Elizabeth has worked as Chief People Officer at Emerson and her father, Segun Adefioye, is an accomplished architect and property developer. On Selling Sunset Chelsea calls her mum “one of the most successful Black women in corporate America”.

Chrishell Stause

selling sunset cast previous jobs

Chrishell is probably the most famous of all the Selling Sunset cast. She’s an actress and is well known for playing Amanda on American soap opera All My Children, and Jordan on Days of Our Lives – another American TV show. She’s been in way more TV series and films besides these, though.

Davina Potratz

selling sunset cast previous jobs

Before she was a real estate agent, Davina was a model. She was signed to the Ford Model Agency for over a decade and lived in London, Milan and New York over her career. Davina has done campaigns for brands including Forever 21, Aveeno and Neutrogena. Before she was on Selling Sunset she was also a series regular on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing.

Emma Hernan

As Emma explains in Selling Sunset (pretty much non-stop, it has to be said), she is a successful entrepreneur. Emma is the CEO of food company Emma-Leigh & Co, which sells vegan empanadas – including flavours such as cheeseburger empanadas and sausage pizza empanadas. Take a look at them for yourself here:

But Emma is also a model. She started her career as a model and became Miss COED in 2015. COED is a news, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle website, and Miss COED is nationwide competition to find confident college students who are involved in their universities and social media – of which previous winners include three Playboy Playmates.

Emma took her money from modelling as well as other jobs, and began investing. Her bio on her food website is rather cringe, and says: “As a professional model, many see me. However, what they don’t see is the deep drive and commitment within me to succeed on every level.”

Brett and Jason Oppenheim

selling sunset cast previous jobs

Before becoming real estate agents and setting up the Oppenheim Group, Brett and Jason were big lawyers. Brett was a securities litigation attorney at two of the largest international law firms in the world, defending investment banks. Jason also worked for an international law firm, and worked on some very high-profile cases. Brett and Jason are now the fifth generation of their family to work in real estate.

Amanza Smith

Amanza Smith ex-husband

The true queen of Selling Sunset, Amanza majored in interior design at uni. But before becoming a realtor, she was a successful model and worked in entertainment – she was even an NFL cheerleader for the Indiana Colts. Amanza was also a model holding one of the boxes on TV show Deal or No Deal, and also featured in various magazines and TV adverts.

Heather Rae El Moussa

heather selling sunset

Like many of her fellow Selling Sunset realtors, Heather was a model in her previous jobs. She began working as a professional model at 18 and worked for many well-known brands. Heather is also a former Playboy Playmate, and was a centrefold as Miss February 2010. She’s also acted in small parts in various films, according to her iMDB.

Maya Vander

selling sunset cast previous jobs

It seems like Maya has always been a real estate agent – her LinkedIn says she’s been one since at least 2011. Her bio on the Oppenheim Group website says: “Maya’s decision to enter real estate was an easy one, having grown up in a family with a history of investing in properties and flipping homes.”

But whilst Maya works for the Oppenheim Group in LA, she also works as a realtor for Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Miami. Maya’s husband works in Florida, and she spits her time between LA and Miami.

Mary Fitzgerald

Like Maya, Mary has been a real estate agent for years. She’s worked at the Oppenheim Group since 2014, and according to her LinkedIn was a realtor at another real estate agency in California from 2008-2011. Mary has also previously lived and worked as a real estate agent in London and New York.

Christine Quinn

Christine gives us look after look on Selling Sunset – but it’s clear she’s always been into fashion. Before becoming a realtor, Christine worked in fashion and entertainment and was even featured in magazines such as Vogue. She then went travelling, and while she was away she discovered a love of architecture and design and decided to pursue a career as an agent.

Vanessa Villela

selling sunset cast previous jobs

Vanessa’s previous jobs have seen her as an actress on a variety of TV shows and soap operas. Her bio on the Oppenheim Group website says Vanessa reached “international stardom”, with her works having been televised in over 120 countries. Titles of works Vanessa has acted in include El Señor de los Cielos, Una Maid en Manhattan, and Eva Luna, and you can check out her full iMDB here.

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