So Chrishell was named after a petrol station and I’ll never know peace again

And it’s not even her real first name??

Chrishell’s name is unusual to say the least, but it turns out her parents made it up themselves – and they named her after a petrol station.

Chrishell explained the story behind her name back in Selling Sunset season one, but loads of us didn’t process it and are only just realising it now. I, for one, cannot stop thinking about it.

When Chrishell’s mum went into labour, she was at a Shell petrol station. A member of staff in there was called Chris, and he helped deliver her baby. Chrishell’s mum decided to name her after the experience: Chris plus Shell equals Chrishell. Boom.

How “Chrishell” came about isn’t the only wild thing about her name, however – Chrishell is only her middle name, and her actual first name is Terrina. Apparently she prefers going by Chrishell.

Chrishell recently legally changed her name, going back to her maiden name after her divorce from This Is Us’ Justin Hartley.

Court documents obtained by Us Weekly showed Chrishell changed her name from “Terrina Chrishell Stause” to “Terrina Chrishell Hartley” when they married in 2017. The documents showed last month it was agreed Chrishell’s “name shall immediately be restored”, back to Stause.

Their divorce was one of the main plot points of Selling Sunset season three, with Justin texting Chrishell to say he was filing for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”. In the show, Chrishell says that 45 minutes after the text, the rest of “the world knew.”

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