What the Selling Sunset cast used to look like, according to their first Instagram

They all used to LOVE a filter


Everyone on Selling Sunset is beautiful, and the show features a lot of iconic looks (mainly from Christine, let’s be real). But looking back at the Selling Sunset cast’s old Instagrams, it’s clear they’ve all gone through a transformation and pretty dramatic glow-up over the years.

Like the rest of us they were very heavy-handed with the inbuilt Instagram filters. They also used to be considerably less glam, and for some reason it seems they all loved a pair of Aviator sunglasses.

Thanks to our own FBI-level deep-dive, we’ve uncovered all the old Instagram posts of the Selling Sunset cast. Prepare yourself for some absolutely wild 2010s-outfit choices:


Via Instagram @themaryfitzgerald

Mary’s first ever Instagram post is from 2013, sitting under a hairdryer. Her hair looks like it’s the same length and colour as it is now, but her outfit choices have definitely improved a lot since then.

Via Instagram @themaryfitzgerald

Another one of Mary’s first Insta posts features fellow Selling Sunset realtor Amanza. They say in the show how the two have been friends for years. Mary’s hair looks a lot darker here than the white-blonde it is now. Those chunky necklaces and cut-out dresses are absolute peak 2014.


Via Instagram @chrishell.stause

This is Chrishell’s first ever Instagram post, from way back in 2012 – check out that corset. Her hair was a lot shorter than it is now, and it looks blonder too, although that could just be a trick of the very aggressive filter she’s chosen.

Via Instagram @chrishell.stause

Another post from 2012, another corset for Chrishell.


Christine’s either had a purge of all her old Instagram pics, or only made her account recently, because her oldest post is this one from 2017.

Now, Queen Christine has an iconic look: She has long blonde hair, outfits that upstage literally every other aspect of Selling Sunset, and is rarely seen without her bright red or pink lipstick. She didn’t always look like this though – someone unearthed an episode of an American TV show she’s in.

The episode’s from season six of Drop Dead Diva, which aired in 2014. Back then, Christine’s makeup and outfit were a lot more toned-down, and her hair was less white-blonde and more brassy. Christine replied to the tweet of the person who’d spotted her, saying: “Omg horrible hair colour though hahahah so red”.


Via Instagram @amanzasmith

Amanza’s first few Instagrams are of her kids, but this is the first post of just her. It’s from 2012, and looking at it you can really tell: The Insta filter; the frosted lipgloss; the Aviators (lol that you can see her hands and phone taking the pic in the lens’ reflection); the fact it’s a car selfie.

Via Instagram @amanzasmith

Here’s another classic 2013 selfie from Amanza, with an …interesting angle. Let’s just say she’s braver for taking that than I ever will be.

Today she looks a lot more glam, and her earlier pics clearly just involve decade-old fashion choices.


There’s no getting around it: Romain is fit, and the undeniable King of Selling Sunset. Romain’s first Instagram post was this video of him working out in a gym, back in 2016. Give it a watch – you’re welcome.

His next few posts are also exercise vids, but this is Romain’s first Insta post that’s an actual photo, from 2017.

Via Instagram @theromainbonnet

There aren’t any old pics of him floating around, so I am choosing to believe Romain simply emerged from the womb looking like this x


Via Instagram @heatherraeyoung

Heather used to be a Playboy Playmate, so a lot of her older Instagrams are from her modelling days. This is her first selfie from 2011, which is quite literally identical to Amanza’s: The angle, the seatbelt, the huge Aviator sunglasses. Even the Instagram filter looks similar. Clearly this look was all the range in LA in the 2010s.

Via Instagram @heatherraeyoung

Here’s Heather and one of her mates, also in 2011. She looks similar to how she does in Selling Sunset, although she’s got a better dye-job on her hair now.


Jason’s on the left; Brett’s on the right – via Instagram @brettoppenheim

This is Brett’s second ever Instagram, of him and Jason in 2017, captioned “good times with my bro” (my HEART!). It’s a recent pic so they really don’t look look much different to how they do now.

Like many of the rest of the Selling Sunset cast, Brett seems to have either been late to the game when making his Insta account, or has simply removed all traces of his old posts from the Internet.

Via Instagram @brettoppenheim

As an aside, this is Brett’s first ever Instagram – a pic of his house, which is very on brand for him.

Brett and Jason – if I’m honest I’m not entirely sure which is which, but you still get the idea of what they look like now


Via Instagram @jasonoppenheim

Jason’s first Instagram is considerably less wholesome than his twin brother’s, but he doesn’t look that different to now, other than his absolutely wild outfit choice.

In his post from 2014, Jason’s wearing a questionable shirt that’s very deeply unbuttoned, Aviators and what looks like a gold chain. He’s got his arm around four girls, who are also wearing outfits that are very on-brand for the time the photo was taken.

Via Instagram @jasonoppenheim

Jason also posted this of him and Mary, at a basketball game back in 2015. Jason’s got a beige-and-orange tartan scarf, a blue checkered shirt and what looks like a brown corduroy jacket – is he okay??


Maya’s another Instagram latecomer: Her first post was in March last year, of the Selling Sunset season one promo poster.

Via Instagram @themayavander

This is Maya’s second ever Instagram post, where she’s also promoting the show in the caption. She’s one of the Selling Sunset cast who is most private about her life on the show, and she doesn’t have any old photos online.


Via Instagram @davinapotratz

This is Davina’s first photo of herself on her Insta, a mirror selfie from 2013 which she’s very helpfully captioned “#mirror”.

Via Instagram @davinapotratz

Looking back at her old posts, Davina looks essentially the same, even seven years on. Her hair has always been shoulder-length and dark, but she seems to wear more makeup now – although this may just be for the show.

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Featured image via Instagram @chrishell.stause

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