Okay but how much do the Selling Sunset cast actually earn? An investigation

Wait so Jason doesn’t pay them a salary?!


It’s no secret that the Selling Sunset cast are all absolutely LOADED. They have far more boujee clothes, homes, and lives than you could ever possibly dream of. But the words I can hear you all screaming are: Just how much do the Selling Sunset actually earn, and where do they even get their money from?

We all know the houses listed on Selling Sunset are worth millions of dollars – and it turns out how much money the cast earn depends entirely on this.

This is how the Selling Sunset cast earn their money, and how much they can get:

They don’t actually get a salary from the Oppenheim Group

Like many real estate agents, the Selling Sunset realtors don’t earn an annual salary – they work solely on commission, so they only earn money when they actually sell homes. Mary has told the Express: “I think the hardest thing in real estate is working for commission only. Spending months sometimes with a client and then they change their minds.

“The best part can also be when a client finds something they love immediately and I make a huge commission with very little effort.”

how much do the selling sunset cast earn

The Selling Sunset cast are real realtors – and they apparently often work outside of the Oppenheim Group office, either working from home or out with clients at listings.

Speaking to The Tab, Jason said: “Not all the women are in everyday, but at the same time I wouldn’t want that – you’re not making money if you’re in the office all day. I like all my agents being independent, they’re all out there managing their own careers.”

But the agents can earn six-figure sums of commission

Maya has explained to Metro how the Selling Sunset commission actually works, saying “it’s not as big as you think!” She said commission is usually around five per cent of how much the house sells for, which is then divided in half between the person who represents the seller and the person who represents the buyer.

That leaves each realtor with two and half per cent – but they still don’t get to keep all of that. Because Jason owns the brokerage, he gets a cut of the commission (for “liability”), which is around 30 per cent.

how much do the selling sunset cast earn

This leaves the person who sold the house with around 70 per cent of the two and half per cent commission – which they then have to pay tax on.

But the listings the Selling Sunset realtors sell are worth millions of dollars. Mary is the most successful agent, having earned an estimated $1.8million in commission from her listings in seasons one to four of the Netflix show – including $419,850 for selling French Montana’s house in the latest season. Christine and Chrishell have also both earned a chill $1million in commission over their time on the show.

Netflix doesn’t give them money for makeup and wardrobe

One of many people’s favourite parts of Selling Sunset are the amazing looks served by the entire cast. But it turns out Netflix doesn’t actually pay for any of their hair, makeup or wardrobes. “Netflix doesn’t pay for anything,” Christine said in an interview with Refinery29. “I pay for my own hair and makeup and wardrobe and everything like that, and it’s worth it. I have fun with it, and I know that people love to watch it and be like, ‘What is she going to do next?’”

Christine apparently takes up to four hours to get ready before filming Selling Sunset, and reportedly spends up to $1,000 a DAY on her glam.

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