Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim answers all your burning questions about the show

Firstly, how do I get hired?

We are a world obsessed with Selling Sunset. Tens, maybe even hundreds, of millions of us have binged watched season three already and are gasping for more of the nail-biting drama and jaw-dropping swanky houses.

As you’re watching the show you can’t help but be left with loads of questions. Are the women really this dramatic in real life? Do Jason and Brett get fed up of all gossiping in the office? Could I get hired with The Oppenheim Group? Jason Oppenheim spoke to The Tab to answer everyone’s burning questions about the show.

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How did Selling Sunset come about in the first place?

“We’d been approached for over a year by several agents and producers and we rejected them for a long time because we thought the idea of a show would be more risk than reward. Initially when Adam DiVello [Selling Sunset’s producer] called, we weren’t interested. He was persistent and we all said we wanted to be on Netflix and he got them on board.”

How do you actually feel about the show being so dramatic? Do you get fed up with it or do you like that people get so invested in the dramatic parts of the show?

“Well, I love the show’s popularity. When I first signed up for this show I definitely thought it was going to be more real estate driven. That said, the type of show I would have wanted probably wouldn’t be that popular. Yes it’s got a lot more dramatic than I would have anticipated or would have wanted, however, this show has done so well for our business so I very much enjoy all the positivity around it – so overall I’m happy.”

What’s the latest with the $75million listing? When was the last time you and Davina spoke about it?

“About five minutes ago. The $75million home is still up for sale, so if you have any buyers, would you please?

“I was very tough with Davina, but it’s her client and I do trust that she will make decisions in the best interest of the client. I don’t think it’s a secret that the house is overpriced, now 100 million people know.”

Is it true that Brett is leaving The Oppenheim Group? What will that mean moving forward?

“Yes – it’s complicated but I think we will address that in upcoming seasons. I will say though, that we are extremely close and there are no issues in our personal relationship.”

What sort of emails do you get to your work address now you’ve got so popular?

“Everything from I’m a 15-year-old and I want to intern for you to I just left my job and now I want to be in real estate. We get a lot asking for just general advice – we have hundreds and hundreds of emails. It’s getting a bit overwhelming.”

What is The Oppenheim Group office like when the cameras aren’t rolling?

“Not all the women are in everyday, but at the same time I wouldn’t want that – you’re not making money if you’re in the office all day. I like all my agents being independent, they’re all out there managing their own careers.

“I think the office is a serious environment both when Netflix is here and when it’s not. What you’re seeing is a shortened version of months of filming – it’s not like we’re talking about dramatic and outrageous things all day long. Because we’re more of a family that a normal brokerage, of course there’s going to be more personal matters discussed in the office. I will admit that because of how close we are it’s a much more casual environment.

“I’d say Mary is the office more than anybody else, Chrishell has been coming in a lot lately as she’s got a couple of new listings. The market is picking up so we’re all getting a little bit busier.”

Have you got any juicy big new listings?

“I’ve got a really beautiful $11.5million listing just up the street from the office, we’re working on a potential new listing in the 20s. The hottest market in LA at the moment is the $2-$3million range. We’re also working with a young, movie star actress who’s been a client before, but we can’t say any more.”

You mentioned expanding briefly on the show, are you still looking into these plans?

“Yes! More seriously now. I’ve narrowed it down to expanding into Orange County, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Santa Monica and I’m also considering Miami and New York. I wouldn’t do all of these, it would be one or two, but I’m taking it more and more seriously and I think I am going to get a new office. The show will always be from the Sunset Strip – that would never change – but I may expand the brokerage, without it having an effect on this team.

“I would consider London, but I would probably wait for someone to approach me. London’s system is very unstructured and backwards – I’d have to change the entire structure of the system, but that kind of stuff does excite me. London is one of my favourite cities in the world, so it will always be a consideration.”

Who is your favourite and least favourite of all the realtors?

“That’s like asking who your favourite brother or sister is. It’s an impossible question, you love all of them differently.”

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What qualities were you looking for when you hired everyone at The Oppenheim Group?

“Intelligent, ambitious, good social skills, someone who can be a team player, trustworthy and respectful, someone who is connected socially and professionally and carries themselves well – presentation matters. Those qualities make for a good real estate agent.”

In general, does everyone get along?

“I’d say so, yes. There are some of us who are extremely close and best friends, and there are some of us who are more casual. I think there’s an overall mutual respect for everyone here. I’m very much looking forward to this family moving forward into future seasons.”

What was your favourite moment in season three?

“I was really proud of Amanza and Heather and the sale of Fennell – we had a lot on the line but seeing them work together was nice to see. But my favourite moments were probably all the laughing. I got choked up properly twice, one being with Amanza’s children saying they’re were proud of her – they’re just like family to me. And then also Chrishell’s divorce – both of those two scenes were very emotional for me to watch, but my favourite scenes are definitely when the women are just doing things that just make me laugh.”

Honestly, does Christine scare you like she scares the rest of us?

“Sometimes! She can be as outlandish as she appears on the show. She’s a pretty interesting woman and she can be really dynamic.”

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Obviously we want more seasons of Selling Sunset, what’s the latest there?

“Netflix will be making a decision in the next two to three weeks. That said, the numbers are overwhelmingly positive in terms of the reponse to season three. While there is a lot of drama around the show, I think that might be a decision that finally doesn’t have to be dramatic. We have a great relationship with Netflix, and I think they really enjoy us. I want to be respectful of their decision but that said the numbers speak for themselves and I’m very optimistic that we will be moving forward with future seasons.”

Have you ever considered firing any of the women? If so, what for?

“I said at the beginning of this interview I would answer every question, but I’m going to have to pass.”

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