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If you score 10/13 in this Selling Sunset trivia quiz, apply for a job as a realtor

I’ll have the desk next to Christine please!

There is no shame in saying you’re obsessed with Selling Sunset. It’s a feeling a lot of us share. What’s not to love about a show where you get to see swanky celebrity homes with gorgeous interiors and get all the drama that comes with a top-tier reality TV show? Honestly, it’s TV gold. And this Selling Sunset trivia quiz is about to tell you if you truly are obsessed with the show.

Have you binge watched every single episode of all of seasons, followed the cast on Instagram and read all the trashy headlines about their personal lives? Could you name Amanza’s children, recall the exact place you were when you found out Heather was engaged and probably roll off every single one of Christine’s classic one liners? If so, this quiz is going to be right up your street.

If you score more than 10/13, you’re a real connoisseur and should probably forward your CV to Jason, because you belong with the girls at The Oppenheim Group. It’s time to find out.

Take this Selling Sunset trivia quiz to find out how obsessed you really are:

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