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Only queen Christine Quinn could get full marks on this Selling Sunset iconic quotes quiz

Never forget ‘she should own a Sunglass Hut because she’s so shady’


Selling Sunset is, to put it simply, a cultural reset. It is the greatest TV show of our time, and I for one am grateful I was put on this earth at the same time as Christine, Chrishell, Heather, and the rest of the Oppenheim Group. The show gives us iconic fashion and the boujee-est houses you will quite frankly ever see, but what Selling Sunset is also chocker-block FULL of is some amazing quotes.

Yes, most of these great Selling Sunset one-liner quotes are from our queen and the people’s princess, Christine Quinn. But who could forget the Mary and Jason’s dog birthday party, where Jason wrote poems for each of their two dogs and made everyone cry? And then we of course have everyone calling each other “bitches” constantly (never forget “that bitch should own a Sunglass Hut because she’s so fucking shady”), and the iconic “I’m not fake, only my tits are fake”. What more could you ever want from a TV show?

So put your Selling Sunset knowledge to the test, and take this quiz of all the best quotes from across every season of the show:

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