Say hello to Emma Hernan: The model who has just joined season four of Selling Sunset

She has a VERY messy history with Christine 👀

The Oppenheim Group drama is back on Netflix! Emma Hernan joins the new season of Selling Sunset alongside Vanessa Villela, who has also joined The Oppenheim Group as a realtor. And, it looks like the two girls are about to really shake up the office dynamic.

Emma has been part of The Oppenheim Group for a while, but Jason says she has been “focusing on other endeavours” within the company and for other work commitments. She’s now back in the group full time to step in whilst Christine has her baby, and has joined the cast of Selling Sunset for season four. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Everything you need to know about Emma Hernan who has just joined The Oppenheim Group in season four of Selling Sunset on Netflix

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Emma Hernan is 30 and was a model before joining the Selling Sunset cast

Emma is 30 and was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She started her career as a model and became Miss COED in 2015. COED is a news, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle website, and Miss COED is nationwide competition to find confident college students who are involved in their universities and social media. Previous winners include three Playboy Playmates.

Emma started working in business aged just 14, when she began investing. She was reportedly helping to finance her family’s business by the age of 17. “I took all my modelling money, all my babysitting money, all my ice cream money – I worked at every store, I loved working – and I started investing in the stock market and health care,” Emma told Nylon. “I self-taught myself just by reading and learning, and that’s how I got into investing.”

Everything you need to know about Emma Hernan who has just joined The Oppenheim Group in season four of Selling Sunset on Netflix

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She has big drama with Christine already

In the show, Christine explains that she and Emma have a very messy history together. Christine found her ex-boyfriend cheating on her with Emma. The incident happened years ago, but Christine goes on to say this was part of her and Mary’s friendship deteriorating too, as Mary went on to become close friends with Emma, despite everything that had happened. Christine describes Mary staying friends with Emma as “surprising” and “a betrayal”.

However, Mary says she “knows for a fact” that Christine and her ex’s relationship was over when Emma began seeing him, and Emma played “no part” in Christine’s breakup.

Emma also has owns a vegan food company

As well as being in real estate, Emma is a successful entrepreneur. She works in vegan food, and is the CEO of her own frozen food company called Emma-Leigh & Co, which launched in 2020. In November 2020, she partnered with Beyond Meat to launch her own range of plant-based mini beef empanadas.

Everything you need to know about Emma Hernan who has just joined The Oppenheim Group in season four of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Instagram @emmahernan

On her website, Emma says: “As a professional model, many see me. However, what they don’t see is the deep drive and commitment within me to succeed on every level. Whether it was studying in between modelling jobs at age fourteen, practicing hours on end every day for national swim competitions or learning at the feet of master professional chefs, I have always been driven to make generations of my family proud. It’s in my blood.”

Emma Hernan is the newest agent at The Oppenheim Group in Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset, Netflix

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Despite her huge history with Christine, Emma is now stepping in to cover her at The Oppenheim Group whilst she has her baby. Honestly, the devil works hard but Jason Oppenheim and the Selling Sunset team work way harder.

According to her profile on The Oppenheim Group website, after purchasing her first home in the Hollywood Hills, Emma’s passion for real estate led her to become a realtor, and joining The Oppenhiem Group in 2018, focusing on selling high-end real estate throughout Los Angeles.

On her profile she describes herself as a “self-made millionaire” who “prides herself on being a dynamic and relentless agent for her clients, with her boundless energy and market knowledge, always truly caring for each and everyone of her clients in the fast paced Los Angeles real estate market.”

Emma has 966k followers on Instagram

via Instagram @emmahernan

Emma has 966k Instagram followers, where she posts loads of pictures with the other Selling Sunset cast members. It’s clear she gets on well with the Oppenheim girls (other than Christine, obviously), but in an interview said her closest friends there are Mary and Chrishell. Her handle is @emmahernan.

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