Selling Sunset love lives: Exactly who the real estate agents are all dating in real life

Vanessa has recently got engaged and Chrishell is rumoured to be dating someone new!


Selling Sunset is like 10 per cent about the houses, 90 per cent the drama of the realtors’ personal lives. They live for the drama, and so do we. There’s nothing better than seeing them all in the office and someone spins around on their chair to face everyone – you know some tea is about to be spilled. And one thing the Selling Sunset gals love to gossip and chat about is their love lives.

Who they’ve all dated and are currently with has created some of the biggest storylines in the show. In the latest season Chrishell is dating the boss Jason, Emma is going on dates and that’s without mentioning the two weddings we actually saw on the show. Here’s a full insight into the love lives of the Selling Sunset cast, and who they are all dating in real life.

Christine Quinn

Relationship status: Married

Christian Quinn is married to Christian Richard, who made his millions as a tech entrepreneur and is now retired. The couple got married in December 2019, in a huge winter wonderland themed wedding which we saw on the show. They have since welcomed their first child together – their son Christian was born in May 2021.

The pair met when she was showing him around a property. They’ve now moved into that house together, meaning Christine hit the double jackpot – she got a gorgeous home and the commission for selling it. Christine and Christian met in 2019 and were married within a year of knowing one another. They met through a mutual friend, who dated Christian but didn’t like him that much, but introduced him to Christine when he said he was looking for a new house.

Christine’s huband Christian is estimated to be worth around $20million, having made his millions as a tech entrepreneur. He had a very successful career in software engineering, and helped to create one of the first online food delivery companies. He’s now 41, and was able to retire aged 38 because of his success.

The love lives of the Selling Sunset cast and who the partners they are dating in real life are

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Previous to being with Christian, Christine was with an Oppenheim Group employee called Peter Cornell. He is the man who’s her mutual ex with Emma, and caused all the drama in season four of the show. In 2015 Christine attended the premiere of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 with Peter, and he still works for the company.

Mary Fitzgerald

Relationship status: Married

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Mary is currently married to Romain Bonnet. He works in construction, and recently joined The Oppenheim Group as a project manager for many of the listings. We were first introduced to Mary and Romain’s relationship in season one of the show, and we saw their wedding in season two. However, TMZ later obtained copies of their marriage license and certificate and the dates didn’t match up, which sparked rumours they’d been married for 19 months already and what we saw was just for the show. Their reps later said they had a civil union before the show, but the wedding we saw was completely legit.

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Mary and Romain first started dating in 2017, two days after Romain moved to LA. “Romain flew out to look at some homes in the area and I was his agent! We hit it off from there,” she said in an interview.

Mary has been married twice before Romain. She revealed in season one her first husband died, saying: “I’ve been married twice before. My first husband passed away and my second husband, it just didn’t work out. It wasn’t the right relationship.” Mary has a son called Austin from her previous marriage.

Heather Young

Relationship status: Married

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Tarek El Moussa is Heather’s husband, and season four is the first time we’ve seen him appear in Selling Sunset. He’s into houses too, and is a property mogul and host of real estate TV show, Flip or Flop. He describes himself as a “self-made celebrity real estate investor.” His show’s name came after the financial crisis of 2008, when Tarek began to buy hugely discounted houses and renovate them for profit – “flipping” homes.  The pair confirmed their relationship in 2019 and in January 2020 had moved in together.

In July 2020 they got engaged, during a romantic anniversary getaway. In October of the same year they got married, on the grounds of a stunning hotel near Santa Barbara, California. Now they are extremely soppy and constantly post pictures of their lives together on Instagram. Heather even has a tattoo tribute to Tarek on her bum.

Heather previously dated Peter Cornell, who works for The Oppenheim Group and dated Emma and Christine, too.

Maya Vander

Relationship status: Married

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The Selling Sunset cast members are usually very public with their love lives, but Maya is extremely private about her relationship. All she reveals in the show is that she is married, has two children and is expecting a third. Their two children are a son called Aiden and daughter called Elle Madison. Maya posts a lot of photos of her and her husband together on Instagram, but he’s never tagged. The only clue we may have about him is that Davina commented on one of Maya’s pictures of her and her husband calling him “Dave”.

According to reports Maya’s husband used to live with her in LA but moved to Miami after securing a new dream job. They used to be long distance before starting a family together. Maya now splits her time between Miami and LA.

Chrishell Stause

Relationship status: Rumoured to be dating someone

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Right now, Chrishell Stause is rumoured to be dating Australian singer G Flip, after breaking up with The Oppenheim Group boss, Jason. In season five the pair are an item, but they broke up in December 2021 after five months together. They said they still shared a love for each other, but wanted different things for their futures. Despite having chosen baby names, this was what ended their relationship – Chrishell had wanted to start a family, but that wasn’t something Jason wanted for himself.

Neither 27-year-old G Flip or 40-year-old Chrishell have confirmed anything, but fans think they have evidence that points to the two being an item. They’ve been pictured together and have been flirty commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.

Chrishell was previously married to This Is Us star, Justin Hartley. Justin and Chrishell got married in October 2017, after four years of dating. In season three of the show, it was revealed that Justin filed for a divorce from Chrishell – citing “irreconcilable differences”. The couple got divorced in November 2019 Chrishell has said it was “triggering” to watch the show back and relive what happened.

Amanza Smith

Relationship status: In a relationship

The love lives of the Selling Sunset cast and who the partners they are dating in real life are

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Amanza has recently confirmed she is seeing someone new, following the breakdown of her previous marriage. She has kept his identity hidden, but in a recent interview hinted he is well known in the UK. Amanza has been telling people in her Instagram comments that she is happily in a relationship with someone at the moment.

In the last few seasons of the show Amanza has been very open with struggling with her ex, the father of her two children, and getting child support. Amanza’s ex is Ralph Brown, who she married in 2010. Ralph Brown used to play as a cornerback in the NFL – after being drafted into the New York Giants in 2010. The couple separated two years after getting married, shortly after their second child was born.

Emma Hernan

Relationship status: Seeing someone

Inside the love lives of the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix and their husbands and partners in real life

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Emma joined the show in season four, but we’ve already heard a lot about her relationship history. In season four there was the whole drama between Emma and Christine and their mutual ex – which turned out to be fellow Oppenheim Group employee, Peter Cornell.

In recent episodes Emma said she matched with Ben Affleck on celebrity dating app Raya, which he has since denied happened. In later episodes of Selling Sunset season five, Emma is seen going on a number of dates with property developer Micah McDonald who she said she is still seeing.

Vanessa Viella

Relationship status: Engaged

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Vanessa has recently announced her engagement to Nick Hardy, who was introduced during season five of the show. Her and Nick have been linked since October 2020 and have shared loads of gushy Instagram posts about how in love they are. Nick calls Vanessa his “twin flame” and the “love of his life” and says meeting her changed his life forever.

The pair met online and met up three months later. In January 2022, Vanessa announced she and Nick had got engaged. Nick is a British photographer and creative director. He works under the name “Tom Fraud”, which he clarifies on his Instagram as being a fictitious name representing Art & Freedom.

Chelsea Lazkani

Relationship status: Married

Inside the love lives of the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix and their husbands and partners in real life

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Chelsea has been married to businessman Jeff Lazkani since 2017, after they met on Tinder when Chelsea moved to America. They have two children together, Maddox and Melia. Fun fact: Chelsea actually met Jason Oppenheim through her husband. Jason sold her husband a home, and she attended the open house.

Jeff is extremely successful and is currently a managing partner at Icon Media Direct. According to LinkedIn, he’s worked for the company for 16 years and has worked his way up the ladder to his current position. In June 2016 he was promoted to the Vice President of the company and in 2021 he became the Managing Partner.

Jeff studied at the University of San Diego from 2002 to 2005 and achieved a degree in Business Admin and Management and Operations.

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