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Who is Micah? Property developer and Emma’s love interest on Selling Sunset

I need to know if they’re still dating


The latest season of Selling Sunset on Netflix seems to be all about the romantic relationships of the realtors. We finally get to see Jason and Chrishell’s relationship in the flesh, Vanessa is all loved up with her new English boyfriend and Emma has a potential new love interest. At the beginning of the season Emma said she wasn’t interested in dating and instead was focusing on her career, that was until she met Micah.

In episode three Emma meets property developer Micah McDonald and they grow closer throughout the series.

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But who actually is Micah? And is he still dating Emma? This is everything you need to know about Micah on Selling Sunset:

Micah is from Texas

Micah is originally from Texas and is one of eight children. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Texas.

He’s been working in property for a long time

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During Selling Sunset Emma tours the property Micah has been working on. According to his Instagram he’s been working on the property Emma toured since 2016.

Micah’s mezcal bar opened earlier this year

On the show Micah takes Emma to his new mezcal bar which is in the process of being built. There they flirt, drink mezcal and sample Emma’s empanadas.

The bar called Sagrado Mezcaleria opened up earlier this year and honestly it’s incredibly aesthetic. And Micah has actually put Emma’s empanadas on the menu.

He’s friends with a few celebs

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On his Instagram Micah has shared a few pictures of him hanging out with a number of celebrities including American football player Emmanuel Sanders and designer ZoFrost.

Micah and Emma appear to still be dating

It’s the question we’ve all been wanting answered and it appears Emma and Micah are still dating.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Emma said they have something special and their relationship has progressed.

She said: “Me and Micah definitely have something special. We’re definitely still enjoying each other’s company. Obviously, it’s progressed a little bit. We’ve become closer. But it’s right about there. So, we’ll see. Maybe season 6, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?”

However they don’t follow each other on Instagram.

He has over 30,000 followers on Instagram

via Instagram @iam_micah

Micah has just over 30,000 followers currently on Instagram. His handle is @iam_micah.

So far he’s posted the occasional thirst trap, videos of the house he created and pictures with his mates.

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