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These are all the side hustles of the Selling Sunset cast

As if they don’t do enough already

The Selling Sunset cast are busy girlies. They have houses to sell, outfits to pose in and arguments with Christine to contend with. But it turns out they actually do work super hard and some of them even have dedicated side hustles on top of their real estate jobs.

And no I’m not talking the odd sponsored post or red carpet appearance, that’s basically an extension of their work with Selling Sunset. I’m talking proper businesses they run outside of the Oppenheim Group.

Maya, Emma, Christine and Chrishell have a number of additional projects they’ve worked on outside the show and this is your guide to the Selling Sunset side hustles:

Christine Quinn

via Instagram @thechristinequinn

If you want an example of a prime hustler then Christine Quinn is your girl. As well as being one of the key members of Selling Sunset, Christine has multiple other projects to her name.

In May this year she’ll be releasing her debut book, a guide on how to be more like her called “How To Be a Boss Bitch” and I for one will be purchasing a copy.

Christine has also released a makeup collection with Ciaté London and a shoe line with Shoe Dazzle.

If that wasn’t enough Christine is also the co-founder of crypto real estate site RealOpen. In a recent Instagram post Christine teased the idea of starting her own podcast as well. Seriously when does she have time to sleep?

Chrishell Stause

via Instagram @chrishell.stause

In between house viewings and feuding with Christine, Chrishell found the time to write her own book. “Under Construction” was released in February this year and is a memoir of Chrishell’s life so far, including never-before-told stories of her childhood and marriage.

And that’s not her only side hustle. Chrishell has just released a clothing collection with UK brand Lipsy. The collection is priced between £38 and £80 and features “girl boss” style pieces very similar to what Chrishell wears in the show.

Emma Hernan

via Instagram @emmaleighandco_

Emma Hernan was a new addition to the Selling Sunset cast in season four. As part of her introduction to the show Emma mentioned she was a CEO of her own company as well as an estate agent.

Emma is the CEO of EmmaLeigh&Co, a food company that specialises in vegan empanadas. In one episode of Selling Sunset Emma brings around her empanadas to show the girls and cast member Vanessa Villela says to camera they’re “not even empanadas”.

If you’re so inclined to buy vegan burger empanadas then they are currently available to buy on QVC.

Maya Vander

selling sunset side hustles

via Instagram @themayavander

If I’m being honest it does feel like OG cast member Maya Vander is one of the hardest working estate agents at the Oppenheim Group.

And when she’s not busy selling houses Maya is teaching others how to do it. Maya runs an online real estate agent course which costs $385 to take.

There are six modules which includes learning about Maya’s own story, the importance of branding and the most important habits for real estate agents.

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