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Who is Tina Louise? Model and ex-girlfriend of Brett Oppenheim

She features on the new season of Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset season five has arrived and we’re not in Los Angeles anymore. The first episode of the new season sees a number of the cast jet off to Greece. Chrishell, Mary, Romain, Jason and Brett fly off to Mykonos and on their trip they’re joined by Brett’s girlfriend Tina Louise.

Tina isn’t technically a member of the Selling Sunset cast but she pops up on a number of occasions usually in the background of shots because of her relationship with Brett. Even though Tina is no longer in a relationship with Brett I am desperate to know everything about her and how they got together.

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This is everything you need to know about Brett’s ex-girlfriend Tina Louise:

She’s a model

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Tina grew up in Australia and is 40 years old. She has been working as a model for a number of years after a photographer took some photos of her in a bikini and she ended up on the cover of Maxim.

After that she was on magazine covers and calendars throughout Australia.

Tina runs her own vegan taco restaurant

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Tina is the co-owner of vegan taco restaurant Sugar Taco. They have two locations in Los Angeles and by March they had sold 450,000 tacos.

The Instagram account for Sugar Taco has over 100,000 followers and the food actually looks pretty decent.

Tina also appears to be working on a tequila drink and a new restaurant in Long Beach.

She has lot of tattoos

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A quick scroll through Tina’s Instagram will let you know she is a big fan of tattoos. Tina got her first tattoo, a small butterfly, done at 18 years old. Ever since she’s been adding to her collection.

In an interview with Inked Magazine Tina said she gets more bookings as a tattooed model than she did before.

Tina was dating Brett for eight months

tina louise selling sunset

via Instagram @brettoppenheim

Tina began dating Brett in the beginning of 2021 and they went Instagram official in April last year. The two seemed really close and Tina accompanied Brett and Jason on their trip to Europe in summer.

However the pair broke up in December last year after Tina saw the breakdown of Jason and Chrishell’s relationship and it prompted her to think about her own future with Brett.

Speaking to TMZ she said: “Oh we broke up. It’s okay; we’re still friends. Well, you know, we were together for eight months, so it got to a point where I wanted to take the next step in the relationship, and he wasn’t quite there yet.

“I think maybe the relationship with Chrishell and Jason may have prompted me to sort of ask more questions with Brett, and then that sort of ended the relationship.”

Tina said the two were still friends and were even planning on spending Christmas together. When they broke up Brett shared a super cringe slideshow post about their relationship and said he would always love her.

She has over 2 million followers on Instagram

tina louise selling sunset

via Instagram @tinalouise

On Instagram Tina has 2.6million followers and her handle is @tinalouise. She posts regularly, often sharing bikini photos, pictures from the gym and moments with her friends.

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