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Inside the insanely glamorous homes of the Selling Sunset cast

Of course Christine has a neon ‘Netflix and chill’ sign

The Selling Sunset cast know a thing or two about houses, but what do the actual homes of the girls look like in real life? Some of them are surprisingly normal and some are extremely extra, I am of course talking about Christine Quinn’s abode.

Throughout the four seasons of Selling Sunset we’ve been shown glimpses of the cast’s own homes. This season a big storyline focused on Chrishell’s search for her own dream home and thanks to her baby’s arrival, we saw the women frequently visit Christine’s boujie house.

However what we see on the show is just a tiny part of their homes, and I’m nosy, I want to see every single room. Apart from Davina and Vanessa the rest of the girls have shown off their homes on Instagram or in interviews.

So this is what the Selling Sunset cast homes are really like:


Christine lives with her husband Christian and their son Christian. The house is based in West Hollywood and has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Last month Christine showed People Magazine around her home with an in depth tour and I am extremely jealous.

via People

The sofa that featured in Selling Sunset.

via People

Serious question, does Christine cook?

via People


via People

This is actually a pretty tame dining room for Christine.

via People

Ok now this is the sweetest nursery.

via People

Christine has an entire glam room and it is a thing of dreams.

via People

They have a game room and I am obsessed.

via People

Yes that is a “send nudes” sign behind her.

via People

Of course a cinema room needs a “Netflix & Chill” neon sign.


Mary and Romain showed off their new home in this season of Selling Sunset. They moved to the Valley in January earlier this year and did a home tour with OK! magazine in March.

The house has three bedrooms and is worth $1.5million.

via OK!

I spy a Hermes blanket in the corner.

via OK!

A pretty normal kitchen.

via OK!

A cute and wholesome garden for the dogs to run around in.

via OK!

That is a vibey light in the corner.


A big plot line in this season of Selling Sunset was Chrishell’s search for her dream house. She initially put down an offer on one house but was beaten by a better offer. However she soon got her dream house and we saw her move in during a late episode in the series.

Though it features a lot in the show, Chrishell rarely posts her home on Instagram. The house is in the Hollywood Hills and has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. It is said to be worth $3.3million.

via Instagram @chrishell.stause

The glimpse of the pool area is stunning.

via Instagram @chrishell.stause

Very into the pink neon light in the background.


Maya is bi-coastal, splitting her time between LA and Miami. Last year she gave Cosmopolitian a grand tour of her house in Miami.

Given that Maya is the most down to earth of all the girls, it’s no surprise her house is the most normal looking, apart from the walk in wardrobe.

A boujie grey kitchen complete with baby bottles.

Like in Selling Sunset, she’s a big fan of open plan living.

Just a rather big tub.

Her son’s room is very cute.

Is that plant ok?

The spare room contains the odd piece of exercise equipment.

I’m very jealous of this wardrobe situation.


Heather and her new husband Tarek El Moussa have a number of properties between them. They recently appeared on the Today show to give a tour of their house by the beach.

And just this week Heather shared with her Instagram followers she and Tarek have a winter cabin together right by her parents and it looks so cosy.

In love with this bedroom.

Clearly going with a seaside colour palette.

I’m a big fan of this blue panelling.

Just a few pictures then.

via Instagram @heatherraeyoung

This looks a Christmas card.


Despite being an interior designer Amanza has very few pictures of her home on Instagram.

Last year she did a house tour for Cosmopolitan, however it mainly featured her closet and the vibey pieces in it.

These are some seriously cool chairs.

via Instagram @amanzasmith

Amanza is definitely into her candles.


Newbie Emma spoke a lot on the show about travelling back and forth to numerous places in America, however she does seem to have a permanent home.

On her Instagram she’s shown off a few cool house pictures that also happen to include her dog.

via Instagram @emmahernan

Big fan of the staircase.

via Instagram @emmahernan

Ah the famous empanadas in a spotless kitchen.

via Instagram @emmahernan

The doorway, the staircase and the dog – perfection.

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