The fashion library in Selling Sunset is real and this is what it’s actually like

I just want to wear J.Lo’s dress 😭

Selling Sunset is always full of boujee and glamorous locations for the cast to socialise in and this season featured possible one of the coolest yet – the Albright Fashion Library.

In the final episode of season four Mary and Chrishell visit Albright to try on designer clothes for Jason’s big cocktail party. In the scene Chrishell tries on J.Lo’s iconic Versace dress and they naturally discuss all the drama surrounding Christine.

The space looked incredibly fancy full of designer pieces and Mary speaks at length about how difficult it is to get into. So what’s the actual deal with Albright library?

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This is everything you need to know about it:

How does renting the pieces work?

Renting fashion items is suddenly becoming the done thing for those wanting to wear a designer look. However Albright Library has been doing it since the 1990s.

Clients are able to borrow a piece for one week for an agreed price and any late items incur an additional charge. If you lose or steal an item the library will charge you three times the original retail price.

Albright Los Angeles is the second location

Albright was originally started in New York by former stylist Irene Albright in 1990. In the library she has been archiving over 7,000 pieces of iconic fashion items.

The library became super successful after Sex and The City’s stylist Patricia Bright would pull pieces for the show.

The LA location was opened in 2015 after Irene received numerous requests from stylists to bring it to LA so they could use the collection for red carpet appearances.

Irene told Tatler: “In New York we specialise in working for top editors and advertising agencies; in LA it’s much more celebrity-orientated and we mostly just have evening clothes.

“LA has a very different style to New York. It is not understated. At all.”

There are over 30,000 pieces in the library

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Over the years Irene and her team have collected over 30,000 pieces for clients to borrow from the library.

There’s pieces from as early as the seventies and the designers they have include Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Fendi and Gucci amongst many others.

The iconic J.Lo dress Chrishell tried on during the show was not the original dress from the early 2000s but the 2020 remake version.

Plenty of celebrities and films get clothes from Albright

Accessing the library is by appointment only and with the appointment you are given a stylist who ensures you don’t leave the library without loving your look.

Many celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie and Cardi B get pieces from Albright. The library is also used to host fashion parties.

The New York based office has provided costumes for films such as Devil Wears Prada, Bling Ring and We Need To Talk About Kevin.

It’s also provided pieces for TV shows including Gossip Girl, 2 Broke Girls and Ugly Betty amongst many others.

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