Who is Christine and Emma’s mutual ex? Apparently he works at The Oppenheim Group too

Emma said she’s still having ‘fun’ with him during the reunion


Easily one of the biggest storylines last season of Selling Sunset was Emma and Christine’s feud over their mutual ex-boyfriend. Christine claimed they were dating him at the same time and he proposed to her, whereas Emma says she dated him after Christine and she was the first woman he proposed to. Will we ever know the truth? Highly unlikely. However one thing we can find out is the mystery man’s identity and according to US Weekly the ex of both Christine and Emma dated is an Oppenheim Group employee Peter Cornell.

An insider told US Weekly Peter was the man both women dated. In 2015 Christine attended the premiere of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 with Peter where they looked very cosy. He is 45 years old and works at The Oppenheim Group which therefore explains why Mary and Jason knew so much about him as well.

During the recent reunion episode following season five, Emma revealed she is still in contact with Peter and has been having “fun” with him. Tan France, the host of the reunion, asked Emma if they were “still smashing” and if he had tried the latest empanada to which Emma replied “He might have tested the newest flavour.” Emma said she is currently single but has “double dabbled” with him.

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So who is Peter Cornell, the mutual ex of Christine and Emma? This is everything we know about him:

Peter works at The Oppenheim Group

Peter is still listed as an employee on The Oppenheim Group’s website where he works as a realtor and the director of the Sports & Entertainment Division at The Oppenheim Group. Um did anyone else not know they had a sports division?

According to his LinkedIn Peter has been working there since January 2015.

As well as working for Jason’s company Peter also has his own real estate business called Highlander Ventures which focuses on buying properties for resale or leasing.

He used to be a professional basketball player

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Before starting his career in real estate Peter played basketball professionally and was in the NBA. During his career he played for the Lakers and many international teams.

When he retired from the sport in 2011, Peter became an NBA agent where he negotiated contracts for players.

He’s been in TV shows before

Whilst Peter is not seen or mentioned by name on Selling Sunset, he has appeared on TV before in shows such as Million Dollar Listing.

Peter is said to have dated Christine and Emma

According to US Weekly Peter is the man Christine and Emma both dated. Throughout season four of Selling Sunset the biggest plot line surrounded Christine and Emma’s mutual ex boyfriend.

Christine claimed Emma was dating her boyfriend at the same time as her and she discovered them together at the gym. However Emma argues Christine and Peter were already broken up by the time they got together.

Both women claimed he had proposed to them, however Christine said she didn’t tell anyone at the time apart from Davina.

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