This is everything you need to know about the new realtors in Selling Sunset’s spinoff

I am so ready for Selling The OC

Selling Sunset season four ended with Jason announcing he was expanding The Oppenheim Group and creating an office in Orange County. Before the drama with Christine kicked off Jason introduced the new team members from the Orange County office to the Selling Sunset cast. They’re fit, funny and most certainly going to be the main cast of Selling The OC.

Earlier this year Netflix announced they would be launching a Selling Sunset spin-off featuring Jason and the new staff in his Newport office. Though it has not been confirmed if any of the existing cast will be featured, the finale episode introduced us to three cast members from Selling The OC.

Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall and Alexandra Hall were all filmed talking to Chrishell and co at Jason’s party. Even though there’s still not a date for the new spin-off I can hardly contain my excitement for more Selling Sunset. So this is everything you need to know about the cast members of Selling The OC:

Brandi Marshall

via Instagram @brandimarshall

Brandi Marshall appears to be the first of many Selling The OC cast members after featuring in the last episode of Selling Sunset.

Brandi used to work in PR but has now transitioned to real estate. According to the Oppenheim Group website she is a “sharp negotiator” and “great communicator”.

She currently has just over 1,000 followers on Instagram where she regularly shares reels of the boujee houses she is listing.

Brandi is married to ex basketball player Sean Marshall and they have children together.

Austin Victoria

via Instagram @austin_victoria

Austin is another agent joining the Selling Sunset spin off. He’s been working in real estate since October 2019 and joined the Oppenheim Group in July this year.

However not only is Austin a realtor but he’s also a model and actor according to his LinkedIn and is currently signed to Wilhelmina.

Austin is married to designer Lisa Victoria and they have two twin daughters who are two years old and called Lila and Hazel.

Austin has 24,000 followers on Instagram and regularly shares half naked thirst trap pictures, if you’re into that kinda thing.

Alexandra Hall

via Instagram @alexhall_o.c

Alexandra began her career in interior design before moving over to real estate. According to the Oppenheim Group website she is one of the best real estate agents in Orange County and has been working in the industry since 2013.

Her Instagram is pretty small at the moment with just over 300 followers however she only began posting in October this year.

Alexandra regularly shares images of properties she has sold which are usually worth millions.

Featured image credit via Netflix

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