Quiz: Which iconic Selling Sunset duo are you and your bestie?

Christine and Chelsea only please

Selling Sunset is a show about friendship. Forget the fancy houses and designer clothes. At the end of the day the main reason everyone watches it is to see who is friends with who, and most importantly who isn’t. Over the five seasons of the Netflix show there’s been a lot of significant friendships form and break down with the majority of them involving Christine.

Right now Christine’s best, and probably only friend, is new girl Chelsea. They are an iconic duo. They say it like it is, have each other’s backs and look fabulous whilst doing so. In an ideal world we and our besties would all be like this pairing. However some people have a relationship with their friend that’s more like Jason and Brett – they’re practically family, but argue all the time. Or you and your number one could be like Chrishell and Emma, new friends who love to bond over wine and dating stories.

So which Selling Sunset duo are you and your best friend? Take this quiz to find out:

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