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All the details that were left out about Heather’s wedding in Selling Sunset

They had two wedding cakes and gave guests flip flops with their faces on

Right, I don’t know about you, but I was pretty disappointed to not see more of Heather’s wedding in this season of Selling Sunset. Heather got engaged to real estate investor and star of the show Flip or Flop Tarek El Moussa in July 2020. For the last two years she’s spoken about nothing else but this wedding, so why did it only get three minutes on the Netflix show?

Heather told Women’s Health because they had a special episode on HGTV about the wedding, Netflix only showed a selection of moments from it on Selling Sunset.

She said: “I also talked with Netflix about putting a portion of my wedding on the show. They actually used my personal wedding video. And then they created what they wanted.”

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In beginning of episode 10 we get to watch Heather walk down the aisle, recite her vows and see certain members of the Selling Sunset cast party at the wedding.

However there is so much more to the wedding that Netflix left out, and so this is everything you need to know about Heather and Tarek’s wedding:

They got married in October last year

Heather and Tarek tied the knot on 23rd October 2021 at the Rosewood Miramar hotel in Montecito, California where prices for a room start at around $5,000 per night.

The aisle was 100 feet long and was lined with all white flowers including roses, orchids, tulips, lisianthus and hydrangeas. The ceremony set up was completed with three connected flower arches.

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Heather was walked down the aisle by her dad and she chose not to show Tarek her wedding dress before the ceremony so it was all a surprise for him.

The wedding officiant was Roger Behle, Tarek’s long time friend and the couple recited original vows to each other and to Tarek’s children from his previous marriage.

Tarek planned a surprise for Heather

As seen in Selling Sunset Tarek planned for a message to be written out in environmentally friendly smoke after they said their vows as a surprise for Heather.

It said: “To my wife, me and you always and forever.”

After saying their vows they walked back down the aisle to “One Thing Right” by Marshmello and Kane Brown.

Heather used the same dress designer as Christine

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During Selling Sunset Christine mentions Heather is using the same designer as her for her wedding dress.

Heather wore a custom-made dress by Israeli designer Galia Lahav. She told People magazine she had originally planned to wear a braid on the wedding day but once her dress arrived she didn’t want to distract from it, and therefore wore her hair up.

Heather said the seating chart was the hardest part to organise

In the lead up to the wedding a number of stories were written about which of the Selling Sunset cast would be attending the wedding.

Unsurprisingly Christine Quinn didn’t get an invitation. Heather said in an interview with Page Six the reason she didn’t invite Christine was because she didn’t trust her.

She said: “She did not get an invite to the wedding. I am big on loyalty, I’m big on friendships and trust, and I do not trust her.”

heather selling sunset wedding

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However the rest of the cast did seem to get an invite. Chrishell, Jason, Mary, Brett, Davina, Vanessa and Emma were all seen at the wedding.

Heather said deciding where everyone was going to sit for the reception was the hardest part of the wedding planning.

She said: “I really kind of like laid out all the [guests’] names, and started pairing on a piece of paper who I thought would be fun together. Who would laugh together, and dance, and have fun and just drink together.”

They had signature drinks

heather selling sunset wedding

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As part of the cocktail reception after the ceremony Heather and Tarek served signature cocktails.

They were named “Hers”, “His” and “Ours”. The one inspired by Heather was a fruity margarita, the one inspired by Tarek was an old fashioned with burnt orange and their joint cocktail was vodka and St. Germain with cucumber.

They served vegan food

As part of the wedding breakfast Heather and Tarek decided to serve vegan food alongside other options as Heather is a full-time vegan.

She said: “We wanted the food to be more eclectic… to have flair. We wanted our guests to experience the hotel’s food, because this hotel has such an incredible vegan menu and such an incredible menu, in general.”

They served a plant based bolognese for vegans and for meat eaters there was a prime fillet with a truffle crust and halibut with roasted squash.

The couple had two wedding cakes to cater for Heather’s veganism. The vegan one was a peanut butter chocolate cake and the other was a gluten-free raspberry cake.

There was also a dessert table with fruit tarts, brownies, eclairs, a macaron tower, coconut cheesecakes and mini waffle cones.

Near the end of the night wood-fired pizzas were served.

They gave guests flip flops with their faces on

heather selling sunset wedding

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Heather and Tarek began the wedding party with their first dance to “One Man Band” by Old Dominion.

After this, guests were invited to dance. They were also given flip flops with photos of Heather and Tarek’s engagement printed on them so they could dance for longer.

There was also a photo booth for guests to take photos in.

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