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Quiz: Only a bad bitch can complete the lyrics of these Selling Sunset bops

‘I’m not the type to break up with my kidney’

The Selling Sunset soundtrack is truly something to behold. The bad bitch anthems played in the scene transitions are ultra pop bops with a thesaurus worth of “girl boss” words. They’re unoriginal, cringey and far too loud. I’ve lost count of the times the songs feature the lyrics “let’s get it”, “my way” and “woohoo”. And yet, I’m obsessed.

Honestly put the playlist on whilst you work and you will feel like a new woman who could take over the world. Whoever is in charge of the soundtrack this year needs a raise because quite frankly all anyone can talk about on Twitter and TikTok are the lyrics of the songs featured. We’ve reached peak girl boss tunes and now one of the songs even features a lyric about giving up a kidney? Because that just screams female empowerment.

Though every song sounds like a slightly altered version of: “yasss queen, get that money, shake that ass, I’m an independent bitch boss who works that hustle,” there’s actually about 15 songs per episode. With the drama reaching a slight halt this season, we’ve all had plenty of time to learn this soundtrack off by heart.

So do you think you’re a real Selling Sunset fan? Well test your soundtrack knowledge by taking our lyrics quiz and completing the missing words in these *iconic* Selling Sunset bops:

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